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Technology file conversion

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if the seller can use this format by TF or software you can translate directly, you are the lucky birds.otherwise what you need to do is by yourself.8

Most definitions of *. tf rhythm are not on other instruments. If you are interested in the definition of layer rhythm e.g. in mychip you need a script. Some differences are that the stippling patterns in 16x16 and 8x8 CDs in mychip. The graphics are simple. Problematic is the Democratic Republic of the Congo and not solveable of the LVS. I have made new techfiles by hand in the past, first understanding the location and then translating into the semantics of the target tool. A one-one translation is only possible if the target is -Tool provider exact implementation of the source sematics. That was for Polaris, well, the synopsis. I think MyCad also announce compatible to Dracula. But be careful.

Sorry for my english.
cin, you should be able to migrate de tf files automatically if it is not parameterizable cell, otherwise you have to do it by hand.

Please correct my written German, English,
i will try to inprove it.

Sorry for my english.
cin, you can get the TF files automatically if it's not parameterizable cell, otherwise you have to do it by hand.

Please correct my written German, English,
i will try to inprove it.

Why convert technology file from ont to another format?

My * c * a * d indeed claims their tools are Dracula compatible in their document.
But I got the incompatiable DRK / LVS / LPE problems for several months
before. what i can do is use another command. this is dagerous. since
I'm not specialized in commanding Dracula and hard to find the errors of M * Y * c * h * i * p
is possible i am missing something so i only learn by you. fortunely,
I don't use it on daily work.Besides, I tf the cadence to my * c * h * i * p
Format by hand.This is indeed a chore work.And another problem is that the
stipple patterns of the two instruments are different. I choose the ones similar to
They look something like the layout and professional.

Smile I transfer the TF file format just because I have an ASIC Design tool runs on the PC.

What is the standard flow in the platform
Pc envirement?

Do I need the tool to implement
Design to a real ic?

because I don't know what cadence software engineers do. To form cadence from 99 to 2000 you should migrate de tf files (if they are parameterizable). Also correct my English.

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