Why do people hate Dave Matthews Band

We're standing in front of the Heineken Arena and want to get our tickets for the Dave Matthews Band concert. There's nothing I hate more than standing in line, aside from delirious retirees and leaky housewives. Rita feels the same way. “Go up front and say that your mother was in the camp,” she says. "I have a better idea: You go ahead and say that your ancestors were slaves." Then we consider whether it wouldn't be better the other way around: Rita's ancestors were in the camp, which is somehow true, and mine were slaves, which is definitely true, at least during Passover week. In this way we shorten the waiting time until a hostess brings us into the box. The three of us are raising the average age of the visitors enormously, so we took Ton with us, which brings it down again.

Rita and Fred flew in from the USA, Ton comes from Aerdenhout. He was born in 1970. Wherever Fred thinks of what we did this year. We both walked through the book fair and distributed “profiles” calling for Klaus Harpprecht to be found. In a review of a book by Fernando Arrabal, which was published by Joseph Melzer, he wrote that Melzer would revive the old prejudice that Jews and pornography belong together, something like that would be irresponsible. We, on the other hand, found it irresponsible what Happrecht was doing and wrote him out to be wanted. While we stuck our profiles wherever there was free space, Happrecht's wife Renate ran after us and tore it off again.

It was a wild time. Filmmaker Hellmuth Costard was charged with disseminating indecent writings in the form of a short film and was eventually acquitted. (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Besonders_wertvoll) Josefine Mutzenbacher, newly published by Rogner & Bernhard, was indexed as “harmful to young people”. Investigations were opened against Melzer and Arrabal's book was confiscated by the authorities. And in the feature sections there was a debate as to whether Melzer was a pornographic piglet or Harpprecht an anti-Semitic idiot. http://www.zeit.de/1970/35/Arrabal-und-die-Folgen?page=all

Forty years later we are sitting in the box of the Heineken Arena waiting for the Dave Matthews Band to perform. Fred, Rita, Ton and I, enveloped in a cloud of sweet fragrance of Lebanese origin. That's the nice thing about Holland, you don't have to smoke pot yourself to get high. And it smells a lot better than it did at the 1970 Book Fair in Frankfurt.

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