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Beware of Kik and unsafe messengers

Even the names can be used

At the information event of the Markgraf-Georg-Friedrich-Gymnasium, Zink warned against being too careless with free services. Whatsapp also has its pitfalls. Because all free messaging services have their disadvantages. Snapchat tricked users into believing that the files would destroy themselves. There are currently 100 million active users. But it's easy to copy the photos. And with the use of Snapchat, every user allows the service that all pictures and videos can be used - no matter what. Even the names can be mentioned.

However, it's not just adults who mess around with children on the Internet. Right-wing extremists and politically extreme groups also made use of the Internet, messenger services, Facebook and Co., explained Susanne Ehmann, IT expert at the Markgraf-Georg-Friedrich-Gymnasium. Always be careful on the Internet. Ehmann showed how you can spy on people whose cell phone number you know on Whatsapp. Quite legally. And you already have a comprehensive user profile of who, when and for how long is the user.

People are slandered and exposed

There is bullied, insulted and harassed on the Internet. People are slandered or exposed. And sometimes the exclusion from certain groups can be cyberbullying or the beginning of cyberbullying.

Media scouts are trained against such incidents at the Markgraf-Georg-Friedrich-Gymnasium. You are involved in prevention, want to educate and help younger students. Patrick Zahl (16) has been a media scout for two years. “I would like to help younger students. You can contact us media scouts. And if we only prevent one case of cyberbullying, our commitment will have paid off, ”says Zahl. He has never personally met such a case. Not even Simon Stahlschmidt (17). “But I know someone from another school who has been bullied over the Internet. You have to do something, ”says Stahlschmidt. However, parents and students can do a lot themselves: Always and everywhere pay attention to the security settings and check them regularly and reset them if necessary.


(kfe). An alternative: spend a little money on security. Even if WhatsApp is now also encrypted: Safe messengers are, for example, Threema, Signal and Telegram. Edward Snowden also recommends her. And he must know. Disadvantage: You also have to convince your friends to switch to the new messenger.

Tips for parents:

Give your child a mobile phone that you can use yourself or let your child explain the games, applications and the device to you.

A cell phone with a prepaid card provides an initial cost control.

The mobile phone should be protected with a PIN that your child will not give away.

Make a note of the serial number of the device. By entering * # 06 # you can see the so-called IMEI number. In the event of theft or loss, this number gives you a chance to find your smartphone again.

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned off.

Take a regular look at the apps installed on your smartphone. Many free apps may be useful, but they transfer sensitive data in the background or provide more annoying advertisements. Not every app is worthwhile.

Make your child aware not to give their data to strangers on social networks or in messenger services such as WhatsApp. Chain letters and unknown PDF attachments (especially from unknown senders) should not be opened, and your own audio and video recordings from classmates and teachers should not be published or forwarded carelessly.

Find out about news. Discuss it regularly with your child and try out new applications together.

Talk to your child about wanted and unwanted pictures, videos, games, posts etc. that are on their mobile phones.

Accompany your child and show interest in their everyday mobile phone life. In this way you can better protect your child from danger.

Tips and contact points on the Internet:

• The Klicksave offer is an EU initiative for more security on the Internet and gives parents tips on how they can, for example, install child safety devices. However, the site is also aimed at children and young people themselves and clearly shows them why data protection is important and what to do in the event of data theft, sexting and the like.

• Tips for adults and children about the Internet, for beginners and advanced users, can be found in the Internet ABC. Behind this is the State Institute for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia.

• Schau hin is a parenting guide that supports children in using the media. One focus is on online games and social networks. Also available as an app.

• Techniker-Krankenkasse offers an offer that deals with Internet addiction, with tips for those affected and their relatives, as well as a self-test.

• The Media Dependency Association offers current research results, literature tips and more.

• Media-aware is a guide from the Technical University of Ilmenau on Internet and television use by children and adolescents

• Since March 2011, the website "Surfing without risk" has been offering parents information on media education. Children get secure access to the Internet through a home page that can be individually designed with child-safe offers. The website was created in cooperation with

• The children's server of the Federal Youth Ministry enables child-friendly surfing in a secure mode. The password-protected switch back to adult mode makes the KinderServer particularly family-friendly.


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