How do you improve your personality

How to improve your charisma

Improve your charisma - with simple steps

There are people who enter a room and they are sure to get everyone's attention. Without them having to do anything for it. Only their appearance is responsible for it. We like to refer to it as "that certain something" and by that we mean a really present charisma. If you want just such an appearance, then these little levers could be the first step towards a more positive image.

The power of our thoughts

A decisive factor influencing a positive charisma is the power of our thoughts. Have we all heard before, but what about the practical implementation? Regina Först is convinced that "what we think we radiate". As the leading German expert on charisma, she has to know. If we always only think about the possible negative outcome of something, if we gossip a lot and constantly about our fellow human beings and if we always expect the worst, we are also perceived from the outside in exactly the same way - i.e. negatively. The opposite of course works the same way: If we try to concentrate on a good ending, we might wonder about the behavior of our counterpart instead of letting it go and if we approach things in a positive way, we radiate that too. Regina Först calls this the law of attraction: "Those who have a beautiful charisma attract beautiful and positive things - and vice versa." So it is better to cling to the spark of hope when things get tricky instead of taking the side of the black painters.

An upright posture

Just as important as the power of our thoughts is our body language for our presence. And having such a strong presence requires an upright, confident posture. Instead of shifting your weight from one leg to the other and thus always standing slightly crooked, you prefer to distribute the weight on both legs. This creates a certain grip and feels more stable. Also, take care of your arms and make sure that you don't keep them crossed all the time, but let them loose in between. Don't stoop through life. Make a conscious decision to walk upright. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with arrogance, but rather should signal a feeling of self-confidence to your counterpart. You should also keep an eye on your posture while sitting. Sunken in the office chair, you will certainly not perceive your surroundings as being conspicuously self-confident.

Actively address problems

If we deal with our fears day in and day out, at some point we feel completely paralyzed. Better: face your fears and try to overcome them. This isn't just easy-sounding advice. It can also be put into practice quickly. Make yourself aware of your fears. Write them down in your diary, in your diary, or just on a piece of paper. Think specifically about how one problem after the other can be actively solved. It is best to prioritize while writing down at the same time. Then it comes to the implementation, so to eliminate one problem after another. You will see that you will soon feel satisfied, but also motivated for the next tasks. Once you have ticked off the first high-priority items, take your time and be proud of yourself. This feeling of pride is directly linked to your charisma.

Regina Först: "What we think, we radiate!"

The little luck in everyday life

You have probably all already suspected it: It is not the pursuit of great happiness that brings us fulfillment. It's about the little, sometimes even tiny, things in everyday life that make us happy and that we should focus our attention on. So go through your life with open eyes and discover exactly these little things. The heart-shaped stone, the surprise visit from your best friend, the holiday that you didn't have on your screen, the pretty postcard in the mailbox, a repayment from your electricity provider. The list goes on and on. You can start right away with your personal happiness list. The thought of it will make you go through a less good day with more confidence.

Bringing our exterior to shine

In fact, a positive charisma is not completely detached from our appearance. "At least 30 percent of our charisma is also related to our appearance," says Regina Först. Accessories, glasses, hairstyle, colors - all of these factors are important for our overall appearance and thus our effect on others. You shouldn't chase current trends. Rather, opt for clothes that you feel comfortable in, that keep you true to your own style. Your environment will register this positive feeling as such.

It all depends on the attitude

Do you keep getting annoyed about the same topic or the same colleague? Let it. The energy that you waste on such situations that cannot be changed is absolutely wasted energy. Rather, rethink your attitude towards what is upsetting you. Only if you change something yourself will the knot work itself out. That is the whole secret. Because actually we all know: we can only change ourselves, not others. Once you've internalized this, your environment will also change.

What else can you do in terms of positive charisma? You can find more tips here.

regina foerst broadcast interview

We also spoke extensively with broadcasting expert Regina Först about how we can improve our appearance.

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