What is a briefly visible meteor

The asteroid "God of Chaos" will pass the earth in a few years - and then even be visible to the naked eye. NASA experts are on the alert.

Washington - According to calculations by NASA, the asteroid "God of Chaos" will fly past Earth on April 13, 2029. The giant asteroid was named after the Egyptian god of chaos and, according to NASA, will pass Earth at a distance of 31,000 kilometers and be visible to the naked eye.

Asteroid: NASA offsetting would have dramatic consequences

However, NASA has already reassured people and declared that it was a “harmless flyby” - even if the asteroid falls into the “Near Earth Object” category. NASA even goes so far as to assure that there will not be an impact from an asteroid on Earth in the next 100 years.

In August of this year, an asteroid flew just past Earth and was classified as a "potential threat". And again there are reports of asteroids flying close to Earth - even 17 in a week.

"God of Chaos": preparation for possible asteroid impact

Nevertheless, NASA is preparing for a possible asteroid impact and is using a simulation game to check the options for defending against an asteroid, as Spiegel reports. One possible defense method could be a probe attack. An impact would change the asteroid's trajectory so that it flies past Earth.

The mathematician Rüdige Jehn said that mirror: “A simulation game like this helps us to prepare for such events. It's like a fire alarm, you have to practice it ”.

An asteroid twice the size of the Empire State Building is approaching Earth - a special event for astronomers because such encounters are extremely rare.

Video: This XXL asteroid sets course for earth

The assumptions of astronomers have been confirmed with another celestial body: A foreign comet is currently crossing our solar system - it is only the second of its kind.

There was chaos at the light show at the cathedral in Regensburg (Bavaria), like Merkur.de* reported. The crowd for the spectacle was far too big. People pushed each other, there was a crowd and traffic jam.

It's a scenario from doomsday films - but astronomers also deal intensively with it: Will the earth be hit by a celestial body in the near future? Well was

Asteroid "2019 SU3"


An asteroid is currently racing towards Earth and is coming very close to us. This will make it very visible.

Space researchers are planning a novelty to steer an asteroid out of its orbit.

The near-earth giant star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion has dramatically lost its brightness. Some astronomers interpret it as a harbinger of a supernova in the universe.

In July 2020, the comet "Neowise" can be seen in the sky with the naked eye.


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