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Product profiles on e-teaching.org

Detailed descriptions of over 130 tools that we have tested are available in our e-teaching.org database. The profiles enable quick access to individual product information such as area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, technical requirements or entry level. In addition, there is an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the selected tool with suggestions for alternative products. The collection can be searched by product category, platform, price and name.

C4LPT: Center for Learning & Performance Technologies

The e-learning blogger and consultant Jane Hart's website has a directory of over 2000 programs, applications, websites and platforms for e-learning. Clearly categorized according to its various functions, the page enables a quick and easy search for the right tool. In addition, a "Top 100 Tools" list is published every year, which is compiled from a vote of e-learning experts on their favorite tools.


The personal website of Niels Jakob Pasgaard, who works as an e-learning consultant and has many years of experience in education and information and communication technology (ICT). A smaller selection of tools (24 entries, status: 01/13) can be filtered according to the categories "monological," dialogical "or" polyphonic ". The category names are derived from the three different forms of teaching for which the An explanation of the teaching methods can also be found on the page and is available in English or Danish.


On the English-language platform, tools for education can be found and discussed, and your own tool collections can be created. When describing a tool, suggestions for similar tools appear with which alternatives can be found. The descriptions are well structured and supported by tutorials and screenshots. There are also reviews from users. A free registration is required for your own evaluations; then you can also create your own collection.

Last change: 03/18/2021

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e-teaching.org (2021). Tool collections. Last changed on 03/18/2021. Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media: https://www.e-teaching.org/technik/produkte/tool_sammlungen/index_html. Accessed on May 24th, 2021