Campus ambassadors are an effective marketing technique

Low Budget Marketing: Advertise online effectively and inexpensively

In addition to a convincing website and the effective use of e-mail marketing, there are other ways for universities to be cost-effective in recruiting international students. Dealing with the social media plays a major role in this. Contents that originate from the students themselves are very popular in this context, as they enable high reach and authentic are.

As guerilla marketing are creative marketing messages that draw the interest of many to a product, a company or an institution without great financial expense. This is an online variant of guerrilla marketing viral marketing, which enables large reach, especially via social media. The success of corresponding film clips, statements or blog posts can be disproportionately high when measured against the financial outlay. However, it is not possible to plan whether the users will actually redistribute the content virally.

Webinars are another offer that is geared towards the user behavior of young people on the Internet. At the University of Paderborn Franziska Stark coordinates the webinars for international prospective students. For a year and a half, the University's International Office has been offering interactive online seminars in which applicants and students who have already been admitted are informed about the start of their studies in Paderborn and can contact university staff with questions. The university uses the Adobe Connect web meeting platform as the technical basis; Skype, Periscope and Facebook are also used live at other locations. The technical equipment usually only includes a webcam and headsets.

“Our goal is to get more people who have been admitted to enroll,” says Stark. Many prospective students apply to several universities at the same time. With the help of the webinars, the University of Paderborn supports the decision making those who have also been admitted to other universities. The online seminars enable closer personal contact than telephone calls or e-mails. "The future students can get to know representatives of the university personally and request information directly," says Stark. Let it arise Relationship of trust between university and prospective students. At the same time, many representatives of a target group are reached, which reduces the effort required for individual support. Based on the team's many years of experience, which groups of international students need particularly intensive support, the university generates the main topics. For one semester, the seminars can then be accessed on the university's website.