How is Sense8 filmed

Sense8 in Naples: chose the first official location of the last episode of the Netflix series

Here is the first official location in Naples that Sense8 has chosen to film the final episode of the famous Netflix series!

Napoli never ceases to fascinate and attract tourists and famous people, and this time the cast of the famous Sense8, TV film produced by Netflix, a Choose our city to film some scenes from the expected final episode.

The news has been known for some time, but the latest news is about them first official location Choice from the cast: It's about that Fontanelle cemetery, Momento closed for security reasons, but that for October 2017 will be the backdrop for the events the protagonist. In addition, the episode title was also revealed!

In fact, it's just October that is the month that the Sense8 team has chosen, including the two directorsLana and Lilly Wachowski Already famous for the Matrix, among other things for filming the episode that will end the series after two seasons. Lana Wachowski was already in Naples in the first days of September to carry out some inspections The production is looking for a place to stay for the many actors who will have to play in Naples in the coming days.

You will be over 300 actors and extras That will arrive in the city and at the moment couldn't find accommodation for everyone because all the hotel facilities are already full, so much so that you think of it thanks to the tourism that is attracting Naples rent a ship to accommodate everyone.

In short, another moment of prestige for Naples when we remembered an episode of Sense8 was filmed in Positano last year. Wait for the next Neapolitan places and keep following us!