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In this lexicon you will find explanations of many terms relating to the topic of sexuality. Maybe you are looking for something specific or you just want to rummage around in it.


Any (sexual) behavior that is different than the majority thinks it is good or right can be called this. Often one also says abnormal or perverse about it. Depending on what time and in which country something happens, it is taken for granted or abnormal.


Is the medical term for miscarriage.


A slang term for ejaculation. It does not always apply because the seminal fluid sometimes comes out with little pressure and then does not squirt, but rather runs.


Is a foreign word for abstinence.


The smear is routinely taken when you visit a gynecologist. Skin cell material is removed from the vagina with the help of a stick in order to be able to determine any cell changes.


Abortion means the premature termination of a pregnancy. This procedure can be performed in Switzerland during the first twelve weeks since the start of the last period.

Adam's apple

This is what the man's larynx is called. It enlarges during puberty. This is why boys have a voice break and later usually have a deeper voice than women. Sometimes in men you can see the leading edge of the larynx on the neck as a small protrusion.


A (love) affair includes an erotic relationship outside of a partnership or a temporary sexual relationship without obligations.


The anus (also called anus) is the opening of the large intestine. In Swiss German, this is also called asshole.


AIDS is the abbreviation for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, which means something like "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" in German. The cause of AIDS is an infection with the HI virus, which can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an HIV-positive person, among other things. You can only protect yourself from being infected with the HI virus during sexual intercourse with a condom.

AIDS test

Correctly, it should actually be called HIV test, because the test can only detect an HIV infection, but not the AIDS disease that results from it. Nowadays there are different types of HIV tests that can determine if a person is infected with the HIV virus - this is called HIV positive. If you haven't been infected, you are HIV negative. Before taking a test, it is important to have a consultation. Perhaps it turns out that there was no risk of infection and the examination is not necessary. In addition, the point in time when you take a test is important for the certainty of the result. You can get advice from doctors, specialist and test centers, regional AIDS support centers or the Lust und Frust department.


Acne is a sebum disease of the skin that often occurs during puberty and is largely genetically inherited. The skin can become very inflamed and cause pimples. Scars may remain later. Sex hormones play an important role in controlling sebum production. Acne can be treated by a dermatologist.


Is a medical term for the absence of menstruation. However, this is not a disease, but is used as an expression to make it clear that a lack of menstrual bleeding is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. Especially during puberty it often happens that menstruation is initially irregular. If you still get the feeling that something is wrong with your menstrual period, you should go to a gynecologist or a specialist center for an examination.


Is the name of the god of love in ancient Rome. In pictures he is shown as a little boy, sometimes winged, with a bow and arrow. When he shoots his arrows in people's hearts, they fall in love. That is why it is sometimes said of lovers that they were “hit by Cupid's arrows”.

Anal intercourse

Name derived from the Latin word anus (for anus) for sexual intercourse in which the penis is inserted into the anus. The anal region can be a sexually erogenous zone. Did you know that in ancient times, anal intercourse was practiced almost as often as vaginal intercourse? Not everyone likes anal intercourse. It represents a variant of sexual experience, not only among homosexual men, but also among heterosexual and other couples. Anal intercourse is sometimes also practiced to preserve the woman's “virginity” or out of fear of pregnancy. As with all sexual variants, you should only do this if you want to and are comfortable with it. It is important to use a lubricant during anal intercourse. Since the risk of transmission with HIV or another sexually transmitted infection is even higher than with vaginal intercourse, it is essential to use condoms.


Is the collective term for the male sex hormones. The so-called testosterone is particularly well known. This is produced in the testes and, in small quantities, in the ovaries. In the male fetus, androgens cause the development of male sexual organs and their function, later the growth of body hair and beard growth as well as sexual desire. Androgens also cause an increase in muscle mass. This is why androgens are misused by some athletes (doping).


Is a foreign word that literally means "male femininity". Androgynous people are people who (do not want to) allow themselves to be clearly assigned to a gender due to their appearance.


Andrology was the term used to describe "men's medicine". Andrologists are specialists who deal with the reproductive functions of the male sexual organ and their disorders. Thus, andrology is the male equivalent of gynecology.


Is a foreign word for licking or kissing the anus during sex. Some people use the English word "rimming" for this.

turn on / hit on

Turning on in the sense of hitting someone means to approach someone (often in a somewhat intrusive way) in order to show one's (sexual) interest.


Is a medical foreign word that means that someone cannot experience an orgasm (climax) during sex or even when masturbating, although this is desired. This can have various causes and can be treated medically or psychologically.

birth control pills

Another word for the contraceptive pill.


Is a foreign word for anus.


Means "non-sexual" or "without sexuality". Asexual is a sexual orientation. Asexual are people who - regardless of their gender - have no need for sexual interaction with other people.

Educational classes

Also called sex education classes and involves dealing with sexuality at school. This is one of the central concerns of sex education.


A clear white to yellowish vaginal fluid (cervical mucus) emerges from the vagina. This is called discharge and it is natural. During the cycle, this mucus changes. For example, it looks different around ovulation time than it did before your period. If the mucus changes color noticeably and / or has an unusual smell, this could be an indication of inflammation. A doctor should clarify this. If cloudy fluid or mucus emerges from the penis (except for urine or semen), this can indicate an infection and should also be checked medically.

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