What does it mean to walk on a dream

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Running in a dream indicates speed and flow. Running forward stands for confidence and performance. Those who run with perseverance strive towards a goal that they will achieve with energy. Sometimes the symbol hides a certain headlessness that shows inhibitions. Time and place have an important meaning in such dreams. Where the dreaming runs, he may come across the reason why speed is necessary. One of the possible reasons to run, that the dreaming is pursued. Keeping something going means taking responsibility. Running away is an indication of fear and the inability to take action. Ancient Egyptian dream researchers interpreted running, which still does not budge, as the long, sometimes futile waiting for one's own success.


On the spiritual level, running in a dream means to keep something moving.



  • see, person or animal: one will receive a message in the near future, - also: one wants to get ahead of you,
  • a group of people approaching one: one will be able to count on a larger attention,
  • a group of people running counter to water: the big love comes to one,
  • even (after a goal): one will reach that or come close to what one has envisaged,
  • yourself (without goal): you are afraid of the obligation,
  • see oneself running and progressing well at the same time: one will be able to easily escape the threatening danger, - also: one needs to make no more headaches around his enterprises, they will progress well, - also: promises quick ascent in the job,
  • Man or animal with a carriage: all kinds of obstacles will stop you in your business,
  • want to, but cannot move from there: your efforts will be in vain, - or you still have many obstacles to overcome until success is achieved - (6, - 57)
  • and reach his goal quickly: your wishes will come true shortly,
  • and at the same time stagger or hit an obstacle: if unhappy coincidences announce,
  • and fall at the same time, without taking damage: your plan will find an interruption,
  • and fall and injure yourself: only by big caution you can escape a danger,
  • together with others: they want to inspire you for something.


  • or run and get on well: all actions are now crowned by success,
  • see others run: brings the fulfillment of a wish,
  • want to run and not be able to: prophesies the ineffectiveness of a job


  • or see running: you will come to money,
  • and do not come from the place: the success for your effort will be long in coming,
  • and reach the goal: happy enterprises,
  • overtaking someone in the run: you will survive the person concerned.
(See also jogging, running)