Is mbbs hard or easy

After our first scholarship holder finished her studies in the spring of 2009, Vision for the World decided to finance a medical degree again and fortunately was able to fall back on the help of Professor Malla, who helped us with the selection of a suitable student.

Anju began her studies at the National Medical College in Birgunj, which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. In contrast to the Kathmandu Medical College, this does not award grants from the government. In addition to experienced lecturers and well-equipped medical laboratories, the college is characterized above all by its practical training in the Narayani Sub Regional Government Hospital and in the Ram Kumar Mahabir Prasad Kedia Eye Hospital.

We supported our second scholarship holder, Anju Thapa, during her 54-month course to become a doctor at the National Medical College by financing admission and examination fees, various additional fees and costs for teaching materials and her medical examination.

Anju started her MBBS studies in autumn 2009 at the National Medical College in Birgunj. In early 2015, Anju was able to successfully complete her studies as the best of the year.

From August 2015 Ms. Anju will work as a "medical officer" in a hospital near her home village. At the same time, she is preparing for her Post Graduate Master Degree. She will take her exams for the Post Graduate Master Degree from April 2016 to August 2016 at the Institute of Medicine in Kathmandu. Anju will now pay for her further education herself.

Anju Thapa was a hard working student who has the will to achieve her goal and help the people of Nepal. Anju deserved our support for this, true to our motto "Help people to help themselves".