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My child

Music: In overcrowded cellars, full of smoke at midnight, I thought about it all over again, Â.

Author: Max prose. Poet and thinker. 22 years old, from Berlin-Neukölln, where the young music scene meets. Rising star in the folk rock sky. Lovers of antiquated words that he revives. So the therapist is called pastor again with him. And he comes to see his lover. Max prose calls her "my child": she is the one he longs for.

Music: And your pastor laughs when he stands at your door,
and hope there's more to it than just your soul
but for you he is just one more, and already blown away by the wind
Will you come back to me then my child?
Will you come back to me then

Author: Max Prosa dresses his longing in pictures that could also come from the Bible: “Carry life into the world that is said to be dead!” “Where we all stand around stupidly, in heavy boots of reality, in which one, if at all "Always take small steps," sings the romantic realist. He cannot be lulled into being. Unlike his girlfriend.

Music: Oh if your professor says you have a lot of talent
he just doesn't want you to cry because nobody knows you out there,
when all else fails, because it's only threads, and you didn't know that,
Will you come back to me then my child?

Author: Max Prosa unmasked the university business with crystal clearness. He himself couldn't stand it there. The high-flyer from an ambitious Charlottenburg merchant family graduated from high school at 17. Studied physics. He breaks off his studies. Goes to Ireland, struggles as a street musician in Dublin and knows: this is my way. The music. No matter what others think. His fighting spirit drives him forward against all odds. That is his motto in life, he tells his girlfriend about it.

Music: Your people's stories, all this great crap
everyone wants to tell you what the special life is,
and even if I just invent something for you alone, ’
Will you come back to me then my child?

Author: Max Prosa finds his very own way into life - between realism and fantasy.

Music: Between roaring laughter and thunderous applause,
let's find our way out of secrecy,
Then you are deaf with lies and I am blind with hope
Will you come back to me then
Will you come back to me then my child?

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Music information: My child by Max Prosa, Track 4 from the album "Die Phantasie will win", Label: Columbia LC 00162, Copyright: (P) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH.