What is beyond the Antarctic ice wall

Yes, it is true. Some of us believe that despite all evidence to the contrary, the earth is flat, and they can be more numerous than you think. In 2020 the Flat Earth Society, a group of Flat-Earthers, will go on a special cruise to discover what they think is the edge of the world.

"Beyond the Ice Wall is a topic of great interest to the Flat Earth Society," the Flat Earthers group explains on their official website. Flat Earthers, who believe our planet is a large disk and not a sphere, allegedly planned to sail to what they believed to be a wall of ice in Antarctica. They believe the ice wall is the edge of the world. What the Flat Earth Society calls their "greatest, bravest, and best adventure" is slated for next year, and believers around the world are excited about their trip.

With this trip, the Flat Earth Society hopes to convince the world that the earth is not round. But there may be a small obstacle that stands in the way of your ambitious journey! All existing navigation systems and nautical charts are based on the fact that our planet is spherical. "Nautical charts were designed with this in mind: that the earth is round," explained Henk Keijer, a former cruise ship captain, who told the guard.

Details of the unusual expedition will certainly be discussed at the Flat Earth International Conference 2019, which will take place in November next year in Dallas, USA. For those interested in or just intrigued by the Flat Earth Society, a livestream of the conference is available for around £ 30.

Contrary to previous reports, Flat Earth conspiracy theorist Robbie Davidson has denied that the cruise will travel as far as Antarctica. Instead, he claims the cruise will simply be a networking and socializing opportunity for Flat Earthers.

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