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Digital pioneering spirit

Contemporary learning means personalized learning.

Skills4School is the learning app for students who enable learning that is adapted to the classroom, textbook and teacher. More than 100,000 students can already use our learning content created by specialists.


Tailored to each student.

The content and learning packages are tailored precisely to the student and permanently personalized by our learning algorithm.
The student always has an overview of the learning progress and can thus go to the next exam or class work in a relaxed manner.

Understand with fun

Create incentives in a playful way, motivate better.

The personal overview shows suitable recommendations and effectively brings you to your learning goal! Learning is fun this way!

What matters is you

Questions or suggestions?

Founded with knowledge

Recommended by experts.

Dr. Hubertus PorschenCEO app arena

In my opinion, Skills4School is a project that digitally advances pedagogically meaningful learning while also considering the inequality of opportunities in the German education system and trying to reduce it. Precisely such concepts are needed to advance digitization in our school system.

Verena HubertzCEO Kitchenstories

I support Skills4School because I am convinced that in a world with advancing digital change, learning must be re-launched through modern, educational offers. Here Skills4School pursues an innovative, creative approach!

Armin PialekProject manager BMW Foundation

What I particularly like about Skills4School is the entrepreneurial approach with the Rubin and his team try to specifically support students in their learning. It is therefore a great pleasure for me to support Rubin on his way as a young social entrepreneur.