Can Siri make calls

Call any number even if the iPhone is locked

Siri can not only display sensitive information about the owner of an iPhone. If Siri is activated on the lock screen, you can - without the Lock code of an iPhone or Touch ID having to use - call any number. You can even find out who the owner of an iPhone is with or who their parents are, and anyone can call these contacts with one simple command, even when they are locked! How you can prevent this on your own iPhone, we show at the end of the article.


This trick is based on Siri. Siri is from the iPhone 4s available. Unfortunately, this trick will not work on older iPhones without Siri.

Call any number even if the iPhone is locked

While you've probably used Siri to call your contacts countless times, you may not have thought about the fact that anyone else on your iPhone's lock screen can use Siri to call your contacts and dial any other number!

With the help of Siri you can call any number on any iPhone, even if the iPhone is locked with Touch ID or a code. Activated for this Siri in the lock screen by pressing the Home button pressed hold.

With a simple voice commandSelect [number] (or similar commands) any number can be dialed.

If the owner of the iPhone has family relationships saved in his contact entry, commands such asCall my father Contacts can also be called whose number is unknown.

Disable Siri from the lock screen

If you want to prevent unauthorized persons from using your iPhone in the manner described above to dial any number and call your contacts, you have to deactivate access to Siri in the lock screen.

To do this, you go to the Settings and taps on the point Touch ID & Code. Enter your lock code to view this level. Then scroll down a little to the section Allow access when locked and deactivatedSiri.

If you deactivate Siri in the lock screen, this of course also means that you also have to unlock your iPhone if you want to use Siri. Unfortunately, there is currently no other solution.

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