Did the Q continuum evolve from humans?

Q (species)

The Q [kjuː] are a powerful and unpredictable form of life that can manipulate the laws of time and space. (TNG:Q again)

Properties of the Q [edit | Edit source]

Their home is the so-called Q-continuum. They can travel backwards in time, manipulate thoughts, subject matter to their will, but according to several Qs they are not completely omnipotent. (TNG:Jump in time with Q, Q again, A real "Q")

A Q is said to be immortal, which means they won't naturally die of old age. Nevertheless, Q are principally mortal as they can kill themselves or each other. If you choose to be lower life form to exist, they are vulnerable and can even be accidentally killed. (TNG:Q again, A real "Q", VOY:Longing for death, The "Q" crisis, Q2)

Adults Q don't seem to age. The one conceived and born in 2373 Q junior however, it ages and grows into an adolescent in the course of the following years. When it reappears in 2377, it appears to be 15 years older than before. (VOY:The "Q" crisis, Q2)

The life and society of the Q Edit source]

There are two groups of interest among the Q: While one only seeks satisfaction of their prevailing thirst for knowledge, the other Q believe that it is best to stay out of the affairs of the galaxy. (VOY:Longing for death)

The Q form a species within the continuum. There are individuals among the Q, but they don't seem to have a name of their own or value one. Among the Q, two individuals have become particularly "famous":

  • On the one hand there is Q (also known as "Quinn"), he is the only one of his kind who is tired of being a Q and wants to die. (VOY:Longing for death)
  • On the other hand, there is Q, who has a keen interest in the, stages a clash with the Borg and puts humanity as a whole, represented by Captain Picard, on trial for their alleged crimes. In doing so, he not only succeeds time and again in satisfying his curiosity about human behavior, but also in constantly teaching Picard better about his knowledge. (TNG:The powerful, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Part II)

After Quinn's suicide, which he can only commit because he becomes human and you can get him on the USS VoyagerGranted asylum, the Q civil war breaks out in the continuum, which only ends when Q and Q witness a son. (VOY:Longing for death, The "Q" crisis)

For an unknown reason, the members of the Q continuum, who otherwise allow themselves to have fun with any species, try to avoid the Borg. (VOY:Q2)

History [edit | Edit source]

The Q has been around for at least 5 billion years. You evolved from a humanoid species.

The Q have been in contact with people and have influenced their history at least since the late 17th century.

Contact between Q and the Federation Edit source]

The first registered contact with a Q was in 2364 with the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as she is en route to Deneb IV under the command of CaptainJean-Luc Picard. (TNG:The powerful). Many more follow this contact.

Starfleet held a general briefing on the Q in 2366. (DS9:"Q" - undesirable)

Species members [edit | Edit source]

  • Q
  • Q, mother of Q
  • Q, Qs and Qs son
  • Q punishing Q by blackening it on the continuum
  • Q, who appears to Captain Janeway as a woman in a white suit
  • Q, the Captain Janeway appears as a young man
  • Q, the Captain Janeway appears as a player on a slot machine
  • Q, who appears to Captain Janeway as a magazine reader
  • Q, Captain Janeway appears as a newspaper reader
  • Q, who judges Q's son Q's future as a judge
  • Q, who judges Q's son Q's future
  • Q, who judges Q's son Q's future
  • Q, the Captain Janeway appears in the form of a Colonel
  • Q, who is a southern man involved in the Q Civil War
  • Q (Southern Soldier 1)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 2)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 3)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 4)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 5)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 6)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 7)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 8)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 9)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 10)
  • Q (Southern Soldier 11)
  • Q (Northern Soldier 1)
  • Q (Northern Soldier 2)
  • Q (Northern Soldier 3)
  • Quinn, formerly also known as "Q"
  • William T. Riker (temporarily)
  • Amanda Rogers

Background information Edit source]

Apocryphes [edit | Edit source]

In the novel Trelane is represented as QsNeffe.