What is rebreather diving

Rebreather diving

During rebreather diving, the air you breathe is not exhaled from the device as bubbles, but remains in the cycle and is always freshly prepared. For you this means: diving into another world, becoming one with an indescribable calm under water. You have to experience to be a real part of the underwater world, to observe animals up close. This is a special kind of experience!

  • Bladder poor Breathtaking impressions: experience even more intensely. Almost noiseless, no bubbles, no bubbling.
  • For sure Standards with a high level of security. Optimized according to technical, physical and user-friendly requirement profiles.
  • Innovative Always the right filling: diving with different breathing gases with optimal use of the breathing gas.
  • Comfortable Warmed and humidified breathing gas. Ideal for long dives with compact diving equipment. Extremely low breathing gas consumption.

Handling and procedure of GDL SCR and CCR certifications

The Acceptance authorizations for the individual brevets are listed in the GDL regulations rebreather diving.

The Acceptance card for the rebreather certification is available in the download area. The authorized trainer fills out the acceptance card and sends it to the federal office of the VDST.

The Certification is carried out by the federal office of the VDST with a GDL certification card.

What does the certification cost?

The certification costs per certification (plus shipping) are as follows:

  • VDST-Rebreather Diver certification: 22.50 euros
  • VDST-Rebreather Instructor certification: 40.00 euros
  • VDST-Rebreather Instructor follow-up certification: 30.00 euros
  • VDST Instructor Trainer certification: 50.00 euros
  • VDST Instructor Trainer follow-up certification: 30.00 euros