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Sacral chakra |

2nd chakra (Sanskrit: Svadhisthana = sweetness, loveliness)

The sacral chakra is the second main chakra at the level of the hip bones, about a hand's breadth below the navel, in resonance with orange light. The sacral chakra is in resonance with the etheric and emotional body and processes the experiences of this level. Its element is water.

The themes of the sacral chakra are:

Flow of life energy, being a channel for the creative energy of life, experiencing the world, liveliness, desire / desire, joie de vivre, emotions, lust, sexuality, creativity and creative power.

Overview sacral chakra

The most important information and assignments relating to the sacral chakra are summarized below:

SurnameSacral chakra, Svadhisthana (Sanskrit)
Location in the bodyA hand's breadth below the navel
Resonance energy bodyEtheric body, emotional body
Response age3 to 8 years of age, teenagers
Spiritual qualitiesRelationship to life energy, original vitality, creative power, being a channel for life energy, letting go of the flow of life, desire, sensuality, sexuality
Blocking fearsShame, guilt, fear of sexuality and sensuality, fear of expressing yourself emotionally and creatively
Associated endocrine gland / nerve plexusGonads / lumbar plexus
HormonesEstrogens, testosterone, progesterone
senseSense of taste
Support from stonesOrange beryl, orange jasper, carnelian, citrine
by aromaYlang-ylang, sandalwood, myrrh, bitter orange, pepper, vanilla, orange
through incenseVanilla, tolu, styrax, benzoin, rosewood, angelica root, myrrh, sandalwood, dragon's blood, incense
through foodCleansing fruits: sweet apples, pear, peach, apricot, melon, mango, orange, pomegranate, strawberries, grapes, figs, pineappleDehydrating vegetables and salads: cress, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, radicchio, green lettuce, stinging nettle Detoxifying drinks: water , Fruit juice, tea made from blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, birch, dandelion, etc. Spices that promote cleaning: e.g. Bertram root

Importance and role

The sacral chakra stands for the creative flow of pure life energy, our relationship to vitality and our passion for life. It also plays a central role in expressing and feeling emotions.

The sacral chakra revolves around the sensual experience of life, touching and tasting the world. Here our desire as a soul is expressed to interact with life in a joyful way, to participate in the creative play of life energy. The purest forms of life force, joy of life and emotional self-expression belong to the level of experience of the sacral chakra. In the sacral chakra we express our deepest need to let our life energy flow, to express ourselves, to experience life, to live our creative power.

The sacral chakra stands for our experience as creative, joyful life energy. The connection of the sacral chakra with the gonads and internal sexual organs is the external manifestation of its connection to the creative power of life - the ability to become the channel for life.

Sexuality is only one aspect of the joyful, sensual and creative expression of our life energy and our need to experience and touch the world. Emotions are another important aspect, only through our emotions does the earthly experience really become 'real' for the soul, only the emotions enable a sensual, direct, intense and colorful experience of the world.

The sacral chakra is connected to the element water and those organs that regulate the water balance in our body - another external manifestation for the flow of life energy. It is the sacral chakra that supplies the etheric body and the physical body with energy, which is why it plays a major role in Chi Gong and Tai Chi, for example. The sacral chakra is therefore essentially responsible for our vitality and general health.

The sacral chakra is strongly influenced by experiences in small children between the ages of three and five, when the authentic desire to relate to the world, to touch it, to taste it and to experience it, is particularly strongly expressed. In addition, in this phase we learn to express and live out our joie de vivre and energy. If the parents do not give space to this need, the sacral chakra can be disturbed.

The sacral chakra is assigned to the sense of taste, which in itself is a beautiful picture: the soul wants to taste life. If you observe small children, you will find that they actually put everything in their mouths first - an important time for the development of the sacral chakra.

Another important time is the teenage age, when sexual identity is formed.

Open sacral chakra

People whose sacral chakra is fully open have a passionate love for being alive. They love to feel and express their liveliness. They are a channel for the joyful and sensual creative energy of life. You take part in the creative game of life energy. Your fundamental experience of life is a vibrant joy and primal passion. You feel and live your emotions with full confidence. You stand in the middle of the stream of life and are completely here. A pleasurable sex life is part of their being, because opening up and surrendering to the moment and other people are easy for them. They love to let their sexual energy flow and to enjoy sexual energy with others.

They are one with the authentic needs of body and soul; shame or guilt are alien to them. From this grow deep self-love and self-acceptance and a natural devotion to the experience as a person with all authentic human needs and desires.
You can express and communicate yourself in the world through creative action. This inner balance is of course also reflected in positive relationships with other people, including love relationships.

Through an open sacral chakra, the relationship to the basic layers of the psyche and the body is characterized by harmonious purity. People with an open, sacral chakra feel their physical and human needs and meet them with a carefree and joyful matter of course, e.g. in the form of touch, movement, sufficient rest and fresh air.

Since this chakra also influences the reproductive instinct, it is also related to the role perception as mother and father. People with an open sacral chakra feel relatively safe in their parenting role and in dealing with childish emotions, as they have fully integrated them into themselves.

Sacral Chakra and Health

From a physical point of view, the gonads (gonads) and the lumbar plexus absorb the vital energy and pass it on to the following organs:

  • internal genital organs female: ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, male: testicles, epididymis, spermatic ducts, vesicle gland, urinary-seed tube (also root chakra)
  • Urinary organs, kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, urinary bladder

The body's own juices such as blood, sweat, digestive juices, semen, urine and tears are also affected.

Disorders of the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra processes sensual, sexual and emotional experiences. A blockage can arise either from a lack of such experiences or from being overwhelmed by experiences that are too intense.

A blockage of the sacral chakra often arises in childhood, when the original self-expression and the living out of authentic needs lead to negative feedback from the environment and painful experiences.

Common causes of a disorder in the sacral chakra would be a lack of affection, suppression of emotional expression, overwhelming emotional experiences, too little or no physical closeness and an exchange of tenderness up to serious trauma such as sexual abuse.

Suppression of sexuality during puberty can later lead to a blocked sacral chakra and an inhibited or disturbed sex life.

Psychological effects of a blockage in the sacral chakra

In my experience, these disturbances can express themselves as follows: Loss of joie de vivre, chronic tiredness and listlessness due to closing off the flow of life energy, a fear of interacting with the environment, gaining experience, trying out and experimenting. An energetic and emotional "dehydration" that often leads to a lack of vitality and health. An inability to enjoy physical contact, difficulty allowing intimacy, or even difficulty in orgasm and erectile dysfunction. This area also includes general displeasure with sex and loss of libido. The complete opposite, such as sex addiction and nymphomania, can also be interpreted as signs of a disturbed sacral chakra.

According to my observation, a disruption of the sacral chakra often manifests itself in problems allowing and expressing one's own emotions and / or dealing with the emotions of others. In my experience, those affected often complain of loneliness and a feeling of alienation, they feel cut off from life and do not experience themselves as being really alive. They are not infrequently plagued by strong mood swings and often extreme jealousy.

Physical effects of a blockage in the sacral chakra

On the physical level, in my experience, a blockage of the sacral chakra can manifest itself in the following problems: Chronic fatigue, diseases of the uterus and ovaries, prostate and testicular diseases, erectile dysfunction, fungal diseases of the genital organs, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney diseases, bladder problems, urinary tract infections, pain in the area of ​​the Lumbar spine and hip pain due to lack of flexibility.

Open sacral chakra

The sacral chakra opens when we can surrender to the vibrating flow of life energy again and when we can meet our basic need as a soul to enter into joyful interaction with life and the world.

The following strategies can be very helpful:

  • Working through early childhood and karmic experiences and trauma
  • Develop a new relationship to sensuality and liveliness. For example through dance, sensual experiences, creativity, sociability, sexuality
  • Addressing guilt, shame, embarrassment, and other blocks that prevent us from loving our human needs.
  • Chakra meditation and energy work
  • Sensual body work (e.g. such as oil massages, therapeutic dance)
  • Connection with the element of water through adequate drinking, swimming, walks by rivers and the sea.
  • Support through precious stones, singing bowls, aromas, smoking, nutrition

Author: David Rotter


Sacral chakra: diseases and health problems

For all illnesses and health problems, we recommend that you consult a doctor or alternative practitioner. In my experience, the diagnosis of a disturbed sacral chakra can be helpful for an open-minded therapist who is well versed in energy work.

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        • Hello.

          First of all, a compliment for this site. I find a lot that is written here to be very consistent with my own observations.

          Now to my question. It may be a little spicy:
          It is well known that boys and men very often become involved in pornography or at least very often (too often?) Masturbate.
          Now I recently came across the “NoFap Challenge”, mainly on English-language sites, in which one refrains from pornography and / or masturbation (and / or sex - but that seldom) for a longer period of time.
          Countless men (and women too!) Swear that after a few weeks, months or rarely even after a year, for example, they will have more energy, be more motivated, more active, more self-confident, more creative and “clearer”.
          Many also say that they no longer feel the feeling of shame and guilt that they have felt since their youth and can now look others (including women) in the eyes without interruption and without shame.

          Now I have noticed many parallels to the above description of an open sacral chakra and also to the description of the open root chakra.

          Hence my question: does the chakra doctrine conform to this? Can one open, strengthen or restore one's root / sacral chakra through abstinence? Are there even practices in this regard in corresponding traditions?

          Kind regards

          • Hello Tom,

            yes, especially in yoga, tantra and Taosimus, the cultivation of sexual energy is worked very intensively. Almost all spiritual traditions recommend sexual abstinence if one is to achieve spiritual breakthroughs.

            In most cases, unconscious sex and masturbation mean a loss of life energy and thus a decrease in the level of vibration. Either you bring more awareness into sex and try to use the energy released (tantra) or you abstain and thus receive the energy (abstinence).

            Abstinence can have many negative effects, as can be seen, for example, from the many scandals of the Catholic Church. I would therefore rather recommend a conscious approach. You have to be able to channel the energy, otherwise abstinence will have a negative effect and the energy will seek expression in unpleasant ways.

            Incidentally, spiritual people in particular are also very susceptible to sexual addiction: the increase in the vibration and awakening of the Kundalini can lead to a very increased appetite for sex. It is particularly important here to learn to take this energy to another level - this can happen with or without sex. Pornography is never recommended.