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Quora has 200 million monthly users worldwide. But only now has the question-and-answer portal arrived in Germany.

If you have a question and are looking for answers on the web, click your way through Google. But actually, Google is not so well suited for specific and more complex questions. That's why Quora wants to deliver exactly that: collect questions and provide answers.

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Our reporter Andreas Noll has tested the German version of Quora - and is still a little bit overwhelmed: "It is actually the case that you get an answer to most questions and people who really want to help answer." The problem, however, is that there is still room for improvement in terms of the quality of the questions.

Two examples:

  1. Which fictional food have you always wanted to try?
  2. Can human stomachs digest cooked meat better than raw meat?

The answers should then come from experts such as scientists, but also celebrities or politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau are among the answerers.

"The promise of Quora is that all dubious answers will be deleted. So this is where experts have their say."
Andreas Noll, Deutschlandfunk Nova

Quora was launched in English in 2009 and has been expanding since 2016. In the meantime, there are still Spanish, French, Italian and German. The founder Adam D'Angelo wants to exchange knowledge worldwide. Precisely because a large part of the knowledge on the internet is not freely googled

"Business is obviously going very well," says Andras Noll. The site is financed by donors, in the fourth financing round the portal has just collected 85 million dollars.

Quora users have to log in first

However, knowledge of Quora is also not freely available, because there are relatively bulky access barriers: If you want to see questions and answers, you first have to log in with your Facebook or Google account. So we users should be able to see the questions on the home page that we are particularly interested in and for which we have previously indicated our areas of interest.