Why is God desperate for worshipers

Words of hope

Monday, March 1st, 2021

God, on the other hand, shows us his great love that he sent Christ to die for us when we were still sinners (Romans 5: 8).


What does that mean for me personally? It means:


God loves me!

God who created me and who knows me through and through.

God who keeps me alive, who alone knows what life is.

God who will be my judge.

God, with whom I will spend eternity.

He loves me, he seeks fellowship with me.


This certainty does not apply to me alone. God did not give it to me by a special voice or show it to me through a vision. He promises it in a letter, a love letter. The Bible is God's love letter to all people. Anyone in Germany can pick up this love letter.

God thought of all human beings when he sent his Son: "God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, that all who believe in him might not perish but have eternal life" (John 3, 16). We often despise God's will to believe mine and yet act heartless and cold. Shouldn't God lose patience there? In the tales of the people of Israel in the desert, it almost seems so. But: God punishes and yet again has mercy.

God not only promises us his love, he has already proven it. In Jesus, God's patience shows itself completely: He comes to sinners and suffers for them - to hope for all the world.


The awareness "God loves me" changes my day. There is security in unresolved issues and in everything unpredictable.

Family, friendships and a pleasant work team are important to many. And that's just as well. We need each other and we can mean a lot to each other. This is particularly noticeable now, when so many contacts are only possible at a distance. But our soul, our innermost being can ultimately not live from human relationships, even if they will again be unlimited. There is one who loves more, who belongs to me more directly, more personally, God.

There is not only harmony between people, there are also conflicts. And the following applies: Offenses from others cannot throw us out of our safety if we hold on to the awareness of God's love.


In the power of this love it is possible for everyone to encounter worries and problems, loneliness and uncertainty and to go through them. Step by step. An aircraft crew experienced this in an extreme way many years ago who had to make an emergency landing in the Pacific. They spent three weeks in lifeboats in the middle of the Pacific. Without water and food. The sun burned during the day. It was cold at night. There was always 12 cm of water in the boat. From a human point of view, their situation was hopeless. One of them had a love letter from God, a New Testament, with him. Every evening they read from it and prayed for salvation, which for most of them was unthinkable before. Day after day they saw God help them. And they reached an island, where they were kindly received by the residents. They hadn't given up prematurely. They stayed with God. Her trust in the one who pours out this undeserved love was her salvation. (read in the book: "It was as if the angels were singing").


I wish you this awareness: God loves me!

Your parish deacon Sister Bettina Wolf