What is the HR trend 2016

Human Resources 2016 Top Trend No. 6: HR work is becoming more differentiated

Birte determined.In the article HR Trends 2016 we identified the six top trends in the human resources industry. Here the top trend number Trend 6 shows that HR work is becoming more and more multifaceted.

Trend No. 6: HR work is becoming more differentiated

War for Talents: The search for candidates is teamwork

The selection of candidates in a company is no longer a matter for a single HR manager. In times of the war for talent, a whole team of marketing experts, business economists and HR professionals is busy looking for suitable applicants. Employer branding plays an important role in attracting candidates.The trend from generalists to specialists in human resources work is not new, but it is intensifying again this year. No wonder, because the young experts in their field are few and far between and those who want to win over the real top candidates should not leave the HR managers alone with this responsibility. In this context, important keywords are, in addition to recruiting, personnel marketing on the one hand and employer branding on the other. First of all, it is important to analyze what a company stands for.

Why should I, as an applicant, work for this company of all places?

This can be derived primarily from the employer brand. It is closely linked to the corporate brand and occasionally - prominent car manufacturers are a good example - with the product brand. From the target group perspective, this is probably the most important decision step, after all, a certain affinity to the company or product is absolutely necessary for the applicant to become aware of the company in the first place. In the next step, the company becomes interesting as an employer. The question arises here: What benefit does an applicant have if he starts at this company of all places? This has to be answered in the employer branding process.

The association "Quality Employer Branding" writes: "The aim of employer branding is to develop a distinguishable, authentic, credible, consistent and attractive employer brand in the perception of an employer, which has a positive impact on the corporate brand."

This is followed by personnel marketing, which locates the applicant target groups, for example via social media, events, job advertisements or career websites. The aim here is to address and inspire the right applicants, to hire them and to bind them to the company in the long term. If a candidate is fundamentally interested, he or she will take a closer look at the employer, look at the website and perhaps also the Facebook page. Only when he likes what he sees there does he apply for the advertised position.

Conclusion: The broad field of personnel recruiting means so much more than filling vacancies with qualified and motivated candidates. If you want to be at the forefront as a company in the War for Talents, you have to start many steps beforehand.

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