How is the nightlife in San Francisco

Party & night life in San Francisco

The nightlife in San Francisco is legendary. The scene has been developing steadily since the time of the gold rush. More than 2000 bars and pubs invite you to quench your thirst and enjoy the music. In terms of music technology, there is something for everyone here: from jazz to house to elegant classical background music.

Depending on your mood, you can join trendy clubs World class DJs, elegant cocktail bars, cool karaoke bars, cool concerts or parties in the ballroom with a big band.

There is definitely no shortage of choice in the Californian metropolis. There is no rule of thumb regarding dress code, behavior, opening times and entrance fees as the night scene is very volatile and clubs are constantly changing their names and identities.

What is certain, however, is that the legal minimum age for alcohol consumption is 21 years and you should definitely have a photo ID with you on a bar / club hopping tour. There is a strict no-smoking policy in bars, restaurants and nightclubs and drinks are only served until 02:00. Most of the clubs are open until 05:00. Apart from these few restrictions, nothing can stand in the way of a boisterous night of partying in the city, which is known for its liberal attitude.

Most clubs charge entry, which is why it is advisable to go to a record shop or a trendy café during the day, because here you often get leaflets that will inform you free admission or give them at least reduced admission.

For those who like it classic, a visit to an opera in the Symphony Hall or a romantic dinner in Cliff House We recommend. Another nice alternative would be a sunset cruise on San Francisco Bay.

Where do I find what?

  • Most of the clubs with trendy DJs are in SoMa District to find. In addition to electronic music clubs, you will also find hip-hop and chill art lounges here.
  • Trendy bars are in Financial District and in Marina District.
  • The Mission District is popular with those who want to spend the evening in a cozy, no-frills atmosphere.
  • Gay bars are in the neighborhood Castro to be found, but also in SoMa and around Polk Street there are a number of gay and lesbian clubs.
  • In Downtown The popular Ruby Skye nightclub invites you to turn night into day and the Redwood Room tempts you with delicious drinks.
  • Tenderloin is known for its lively nightlife and the rich cocktails that are served here.


In the current edition of the SF Bay Guardian as well as in the pink part of the Sunday edition of the SF Examiner and des SF Chronicle you can find a program of events.


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