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Kool Savas biography

Kool Savas

"Kool Savas is the final boss, there’s a party against me / I’m going strong, best friend and ramming cock into your cat."
(From "Gay Rappers", 1999)

Is Sava spending the first year of his life? Yurderi in Aachen. A city that will later gain importance for him again. First, however, the Turkish family is drawn back to their homeland.

After a while, his father was arrested for his political involvement and sent to prison for five years. In order to avoid possible repression, Savas and his mother flee back to relatives in Aachen. At the age of eleven, the family was reunited in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Like many teenagers in the early 1990s, Savas goes to demos against Nazis and deportations in the capital or hangs out in squats. At this time he started rapping in English, orienting himself particularly towards West Coast acts like Too Short, Compton's Most Wanted or MC Eight.

He arrives at the rap workshop via Rhyme Guns (RGS), CPS, Crew First League and Basic Elements (with Ono from Walkin Large). Here he meets Fumanschu - together they visit the US metropolis of L.A. with the hip hop mobile. In California, Savas realizes that he is losing out with English lyrics compared to his American colleagues.

Shortly after the America trip he wrote the song "Masters Of Rap" with Justus Jonas and Fumanschu, which later became the basis for the crew name M.O.R. supplies. For a short time he calls himself JUKS, which he quickly gives up in favor of his real name - because 'Savas' means 'war'. What better stage name for a battlerapper than 'Cold War'?

This is followed by the West Berlin masculine tape "Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes" with Taktlo $$. The album combines dark synth sounds with bulky beats and anti-social raps. In 1999 the work was released again as an LP. A year later the second WBM album "Battlekings" and Savas' first solo single "LMS / Schwule Rapper" are released on the Put The Needle To Da Record label.

Savas said: "Astrid Milewski wanted to make a film. She did something with SMC, Fuat and me. I gave her a tape of mine. She then passed it on to the Juice editor-in-chief. He was so excited that he dubbed it and sent a few people from Show-Down, FourMusic and Peter from Put Da Needle."

"Show-Down and FourMusic found it (despite Smudo's respect for KKS) apparently really disgusting. One day Peter called and suggested they meet. When I asked him where he lived, he said he lived in Aachen. I said: 'Cool, my aunt is getting married soon, I have to go to Aachen anyway.'"

Savas' level of awareness is rising steadily, he makes the breakthrough from the underground together with Plattenpapzt and a low-budget video for the single "King Of Rap". The name of this track becomes a popular quote in the German rap game - but the title is always attributed to Kool Savas.

The hype around him is not least due to his negative name dropping: From flowerpot to fat bread, Spax and Deichkind, all kinds of genre colleagues get their fat off. On the other hand, many want his favor: Whether DeJaVue, Creutzfeldt and Jakob, Der Klan, Azad or Curse: everyone wants the man on their albums.

Savas even lends his voice to the RZA and the Smut Peddlers. He boarded the top floor of the German rap league at breathtaking speed. The best proof of his breakthrough is the fact that a long-established Samy Deluxe gives extra thought to how he processes the alleged beef with Savas in a song ("Have Heard").

Even so, a real solo album from him is still missing. The first appetizer is the EP "Haus Und Boot", which will be in record stores in mid-2001. Despite its bulky sounds, the work easily makes it into the media control charts - the last evidence that Kool Savas is now one of the rap superstars in Germany. In autumn 2001, Kool Savas separates from the M.O.R. crew in order to devote more time to his solo career.

After extremely bad experiences with the Put Da Needle label, he founded the optics crew together with the new discovery Eko Fresh, singer Valezka, DJ Nicon and producer and friend Melbeatz. To the surprise of the scene, he chose the major label Subword / BMG, on which MB1000 and Toni L, among others, are under contract, as the umbrella for his project.

Various optics crew features follow on the albums by Roey Marquis and DJ Desue. In 2002 "The Best Day of My Life" finally came. The artist, who has only called himself Kool Savas since the label change, slowly but surely moves away from pure battle rap on his first album and matures into a serious MC.

The commercial success of the album is considerable. In August 2003, Savas surprisingly announced the separation from his pupil Eko. The fact that the split was not entirely peaceful becomes apparent afterwards: A real mud fight ensues between the two camps.

2004 is under the sign of the mixtape "The best days are counted". Many a critic already compares him to US legends like Tupac or Jay-Z. The first "Optik Takeover" mixtape and the scene-breaking Savas Samy track "OK" will also be released this year.

In 2005 Savas caused a sensation, initially together with Azad. The Berliner and Frankfurter are, as the numerous mutual features show in advance, "One". The single "All 4 One" catapults the two rappers to number four in the charts.

In addition, Savas processes his separation from long-term friend MelBeatz in the atypically soulful song "Was Have Ich Sie Angedan?" The new line-up for the Optik Army, consisting of Caput, Amar, Ercandize and Savas' brother Sinan and his cousin Dimi, he introduces on the mixtape "The John Bello Story", for which he also wins international guests such as Cam'ron and Juelz Santana.

In 2007 Savas once again hosted the "Fire Over Germany" battle, in which different teams were allowed to stylishly insult each other in a knockout process. In the same year, more than five years after his regular debut album, the King of Rap finally released his second album to great media attention.

For "Tot Oder Lebendig" Savas - with the exception of Azads - does without guest rappers, only Moe Mitchell sings two hooklines from the Optik Army. He's still uncompromising, he's still a battle MC, even if advancing age and increasing experience are indisputably reflected in his lyrics.

After seven years of label work, Savas announced in 2008 that Optik Records will close its doors at the end of the year - but not without releasing a cross-section of the label line-up in the form of "John Bello Story 2".

Kool Savas, however, has not yet spoken the last word. His EP "Was Hat S.A.V. Da Vor?", Which is included exclusively with this magazine, whets the appetite for more. The third part of the "John Bello Story" will appear in spring 2010.

After numerous mixtapes, EPs and samplers, Savas released the third solo record in November 2011. With his "Aura" he is crowning his previous success and charting in first place. In the first week of sales alone, the record went over the counter over 37,000 times, making it the most successful German rap release in 2011.

A month later, the Berlin district court sentenced the rapper to compensation for serious personal rights violations. Savas had insulted Jörg Kachelmann in 2010 at several concerts and, among other things, called him "fucking weathermanIn court, the Berliner appeals to the freedom of art anchored in the Basic Law, but ultimately has to pay the weather presenter 10,000 euros in compensation.

In contrast to Kachelmann, a musical colleague has been celebrating Savas' work for years, although he comes from a completely different corner: Xavier Naidoo. After a number of loose collaborations, the two launched the collaboration project Xavas in 2012 - in order to publish tracks in this context that one would not have expected from one or the other. With "Märtyrer" in 2014, Savas delivers what suits him best: one hundred percent rap.

When he was voted the best German MC at Juice 2009, Kool Savas left a comment describing his entire oeuvre: "It's a huge honor. But the bottom line is that I worked hard for it, and I always saw myself on this spot. For me, rap is always competition."