Do you like candied fruits

The Christstollen is the classic for Christmas. Its history goes back a long way and there are so many delicious varieties. Do you love him so much too? And, if so, how do you like your stollen the most? With or without candied fruit, maybe a little fluffier with quark, classic with marzipan or maybe with poppy seeds? Here on the blog we have two different recipes for you, a classic Christmas stollen and a festive stollen with marzipan. There are many more recipes in the mein ZauberPot Club. This article is also from there. And now we have a little background knowledge on the subject of studs and valuable tips to ensure that you succeed perfectly.

From fasting to festive pastries

The history of the gallery goes back to the Middle Ages. However, at that time it only consisted of flour, yeast and water. Only in the course of time did the stollen develop into what it is today: a delicious pastry with lots of butter, milk, flour, egg, spices such as cardamom and cinnamon as well as raisins and dried fruits, lemon peel, orange peel and almonds. Creative bakers also use many other ingredients. And sometimes the tunnel even takes on completely new shapes. Then it comes as confectionery, cake base, cake pop or in butter form.

Advisor Chrisstollen - this is how you get him in shape

If you add ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, lemon peel or orange peel to the batter, you should soak them in rum or juice beforehand. This means that the stollen stays moist longer because the ingredients do not remove the moisture from the dough.

The classic shape of the stud is reminiscent of the wrapped Christ child. You can get it by rolling out the dough into a rough rectangle or oval (about 20 x 35 cm) and then folding it as shown in the following photos. Before baking, you should carefully press protruding raisins or the like into the dough so that they do not burn during baking.

Preparation tricks

Thanks to Thermomix®, preparing your stollen is easier than ever. Don't be afraid, even if you've never baked a stollen before. The magic pot is simply your perfect helper when it comes to yeast dough. And these tricks will also help you:

  • Let the dough rise in the mixing bowl, the temperature is perfect after kneading, cover the mixing bowl with a damp cloth.
  • In the end, it doesn't matter whether you use fresh or dry yeast. One cube of yeast is equivalent to two sachets of dry yeast. You can find more tips and tricks on the subject of yeast in this article.
  • You can also prepare every Stollen recipe as a confectionery. To do this, roll the dough into long strands and separate walnut-sized portions. Place these on the baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.
  • So that the stollen stays moist for a long time, brush it generously with melted butter after baking, it seals it.
  • Then you wrap the stollen in cling film and store it in a dark and cool place. It tastes best when it can sit through for a few weeks.
  • You can buy your stollen spice or make it yourself. There is also a recipe for this in my Magic Pot Club

Now all questions about the topic of Christmas stollen should be answered. If there are any, just leave a comment. In this sense: Have a nice Advent season and wonderful holidays!

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