How long does the keratin treatment last

It couldn't be smoother! Everything about the keratin treatment

Never having to use a straightening iron again and still have smooth, shiny silk hair? What sounds like a fairy tale could now become a reality with the keratin treatment.

With a lot of care, a good straightening iron and a lot of patience, you can tame ruffled, fluffy hairstyles into a smooth, shiny head that is otherwise only known from magazine covers. This is not only time-consuming, but also not always a guarantee for dream hair.

Because dull strands, flying hair with a frizz effect or roots that get frizzy again quickly are not uncommon after straightening. Permanent hair straightening with keratin should put a stop to such beauty mishaps.

Keratin Treatment: What Is It?

One can imagine one Keratin treatment like some kind of anti-perm. Because while a significant part of its protein building blocks (the so-called keratin) is withdrawn from the hair for permanent curls, exactly the opposite happens with the keratin treatment: the hair is given an extra portion of it.

The natural protein ensures elasticity, resilience, shine and a smooth structure of the hair. The more the hair is supplied with keratin, the smoother, shinier and softer it becomes. On the other hand, if the protein content of the hair is removed, it begins to become more wavy; just like with a permanent wave treatment.

What does the result of a keratin smoothing look like?

If structural protein is added to the hair during keratin straightening, its surface texture changes. Like a kind of kit material, the keratin settles in the parts of the hair shaft that are brittle, rough and low in protein. This gives the hair a closed, supple surface and looks shinier and smoother overall.

But what also has to be said: Due to the smoothing, a significant loss of volume can be noticed after the keratin treatment. Because the individual hairs are now slick, they literally slide off each other instead of giving each other support.

How is keratin smoothing carried out?

With a professional Keratin treatment First, the hairdresser washes the hair so thoroughly that there is no longer any residue left on it. The hair is then dried and treated with the keratin product. After a short exposure time, the hair is blown smooth and then treated again with a straightening iron. Now the product only has to be washed out.

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Is Keratin Treatment Harmful?

Some time ago, permanent hair straightening with keratin was seriously discredited. The reason was keratin products that contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde. In the meantime, however, most of these products are no longer on the market. To be sure, however, you should ask your hairdresser about the ingredients of the products used before the treatment.

How long does the result last?

Similar to a permanent wave or a coloration, the result of permanent hair straightening with keratin also lasts for several months. However, the result becomes weaker and weaker over time, as the structural proteins added gradually wash out.

Do I no longer need a straightening iron after the keratin treatment?

In principle, no further treatment with the straightening iron is required after washing. Often the hairstyle still looks a bit nicer and more evenly smooth if you rework the hair a little with the hot iron. However, this is really only a matter of a few simple steps; the effort involved cannot be compared with that before the keratin treatment.

What about the styling: can you never wear curls again?

Hair treated with keratin is softer than untreated hair. Although the curling iron can still be used to conjure up curls or waves in the head of hair. However, the results often do not hold up as well as they did before the keratin treatment.

How expensive is a keratin treatment?

The cost of permanent keratin straightening depends on the length of the hair. Roughly, a price of CHF 300 or more can be expected.

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