Can you jailbreak an iPhone 7?

iPhone Jailbreak: You should know these advantages and disadvantages

Advantage: change standard apps

With iOS 14, Apple is supposed to allow you to set third-party apps as default applications. A jailbreak allows you to do that now. For example, you can set Google Maps as the map app or replace Apple's calendar app with Fantastical.

Advantage: customization

Apple doesn't leave you a lot when it comes to customization. You can change the screen background, arrange the app icons and widgets and use a stylish protective cover. Not more. A jailbreak can change that. As with Android, for example, the Cydia app "Anemone" allows you to install themes to get a new look.

Advantage: New scroll animations with cylinder

Apart from the usual adjustments of colors, icons and the status bar, some apps from the Cydia App Store also allow you to insert new animations to express your individuality. For example, Cylinder changes scrolling animations on the home screen.

Disadvantage: No official software update

You can still install official updates after a jailbreak, but it is not recommended. This will close the system again and you will lose all adjustments. In almost all cases, the new software prevents another jailbreak for the time being.

Disadvantage: errors / crashes

With the software updates, Apple is always trying to make the operating system more secure and to optimize it. However, the jailbreak exploits loopholes and can make the system very unstable, so errors and more severe system crashes can be expected.

Disadvantage: longer waiting times

If you accidentally install Apple's official software, you will usually have to wait for the jailbreak community to provide a new solution. Conversely, it also means that you will receive some important updates much later.

Have you ever jailbroken? If so, what did you promise yourself from it? Let us know in the comments.