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WWE "WrestleMania 37 - Day 1" report and results from Tampa, Florida, USA from April 10th, 2021 (incl. Videos, voting & video of the complete kickoff show)

@John Doe

I think of everyone here, you judge the PPV the most unrealistic. Btw. The number of matches was already determined before the World Cup. So much for "that's it". The whole thing was filled with great entertainment. I thought you didn't care about Wrestlemania.

Yeah what can you say? As bad as the set-up was, the first night made up for it.

The entrances and the feeling with the audience was simply bombastic. The stage looked great and I think if WWE has regular spectators in the halls again, then they will try harder at Weeklys.

Great entertainment and most importantly, excellent WRESTLING. Cesaro vs Rollins was a technical masterpiece. Scratch a 5-star match. And highlight: Cesaro wins the thing. In the main show of Wrestlemania in front of spectators. Against Seth Rollins.

Every match had the right winner, every match showed good wrestling.
It should be difficult for critics to find points of criticism on this night. Anyone who says here that it was ne 5 or 6 has not even dealt with mania.

I'm also surprised by the level of PPV this year. The weeklys are a disaster, let's not kid ourselves. But so far, WWE has delivered to every PPV.

The show was really good and entertained me, especially the Cesaro Match and the short but entertaining Steelcage Match. The comedy highlight was the Baron Corbin commercial.
Respect to Bad Bunny, the match was unexpectedly great, but I would still have let Damien Priest do the pin at the end.

The only real shortcoming besides the screeching around in the Diven Turmoil Match and the case that AJ Styles couldn't show a single offensive action in the ring was imo the match division. I just don't like it when the most important title is given right at the beginning of the show. But that is certainly a matter of taste.

The split into two days is good, I couldn't have endured another two hours longer and so no match ends up unworthily in the kickoff show.

The card for tonight looks a bit more prominent and unusual (Nigerian Drumroll Match, Orton vs Fiend) and I'm in good spirits that my Edge will get it and hopefully we won't just see a finisher spammed by the three.