Why is there a lack of accessible cities in America?

American houses

An American house also has one large veranda. Some run around the whole house, others are only on the front and have a roof. Columns are characteristic. They support the canopy. Behind the house there is usually a screened terrace for barbecue parties.

Dormers are also not uncommon. In this country, these are often missing in American-style houses. The reason for this are the requirements of the residential area. Instead of a dormer, normal skylights must then be installed.

The American roof shingles are usually not allowed either. They are made of bitumen. Depending on the building law, roof tiles may have to be laid as an alternative. These are more durable than the bitumen shingles. The roof pitch of such a house may also not meet the applicable requirements. Therefore, find out more from your local building authority beforehand.

A typical American house also has one garage. Americans often have more than one car. Therefore, there are large garages next to the buildings. They are either free-standing or they can be attached directly to the house. Which variant is chosen depends on the type of house, the available space and the local building laws.

The facade of American houses is colorful. You stroke them as you like. But choose for it Coloursthat harmonize with each other. Use a maximum of two to three different ones. For example, paint the wooden facade a different color than the windows. You are also giving the wooden shutters a different coat of paint.

Corners and gables are ideal for colored accents. A classic color combination is light blue, dark blue and white. Alternatively, you can use white, gray and dark gray. You paint the veranda and the terrace in the same color as the facade or the wooden shutters. Choose a dark color for the shingles or roof tiles.