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Corona dawn

Corona definitely makes it clear: The neoliberal dogma of the "free market" that will fix everything is a fiction - one comment

After Chancellor Merkel warned in the address of the disinfection situation that it was not as serious as it has been since World War II, criticism of the official corona narrative and the measures taken by the governments is now seen as a kind of "dismantling of military strength". This is what the Nazis called any doubt about the "final victory". Anyone who expressed it - or obtained alternative news via "enemy channels" - was punished.

We are not that far yet, but the curfews that are now planned and in some places already decreed are already headed in this direction. And they are also rather counterproductive: Viruses do not like UV light or fresh air, when I go for a walk in the open the risk of infection is zero. This applies to the coronavirus as to all other viral pathogens, which is why, in order to contain the infection rate, a ban on gatherings makes sense, but not house arrest for everyone.

This is how the renowned virologist Karin Mölling sees it, to whose book I already referred to viruses as the "superpower of life" in order to make clear the absurdity of viewing viruses as "enemies" and waging war against them. There are more of them than stars in the sky - their number is estimated at 10 to the power of 33 - and only 250 are harmful to the human system. This also includes the coronavirus, whereby unlike the very dangerous Ebola virus, from which 90% of those infected die, Corona can be classified as much more harmless.

In the daily horror reports about other corona deaths in Italy, there is usually no indication that their average age was 80 years and 99% of them suffered from one or more chronic previous illnesses. So we don't even know for sure whether they really are at or just With died from the coronavirus. It is also not made clear that 70% of these are old men who have worked and suffered all their lives from the heaviest air pollution in Europe in northern Italy - i.e. who were generally respiratory impaired. And when 800 deaths are reported from Italy for March 20, there is no indication that around 2500 people normally die there every day.

"Anyone who catches pneumonia with 2 or 3 serious previous illnesses (category cancer, diabetes, heart failure), various long-term pharmaceutical preparations in the bloodstream and 85 years of age under their belts, dies. This is not a corona phenomenon, but normal," he writes Colleague Sven Böttcher adds: "That is why I would like to hear from all official bodies worldwide tomorrow:" We do not treat over 80 year olds with three previous illnesses and recent pneumonia in intensive care units, we send them home to die, because everyone has to die. Younger people are again allowed to hold hands with the dying. And to gather for funerals. At your own risk. Old and frail participants in funeral services are to be expressly advised of this existing risk. Our intensive care units and our medical staff are of course still open to younger corona pneumonia patients. The mortality rate in U-80, corona-infected patients who have not been previously ill is currently around 0%. "

That's the way it is. And yet, governments worldwide behave as if Corona were a killer virus with a death rate like Ebola, whose spread and subsequent mass death can only be dealt with with draconian restrictions on civil liberties. And with house arrest for everyone and not just for the really endangered over 80 fathers and mothers.

One cannot get rid of the impression that the virus epidemic, which has killed around 250 old people every day around the world (while at the same time 25,000 young people die of starvation worldwide), is now being used as a stepping stone for authoritative surveillance measures To exercise discipline and control of the population. "Whoever decides on a state of emergency is sovereign", Carl Schmitt already knew. Winston Churchill advised politicians "never to waste a good crisis". Thanks to Corona, the governments and politicians, perceived everywhere as unsupervant, opportunistic and corrupt, can now appear as strong, sovereign actors under the banner of the common good and "public health".

I still do not believe in the large conspiracy of mega villains who want to achieve world domination with Corona as a biological weapon, but rather see the new virus as a short circuit in the biological system, which is now shaking the entire social and economic system by means of a "shutdown". The war metaphors with which political actors and many media are now spreading fear and panic of an invisible enemy, who are said to have horrific mortality rates, are completely out of place: "Sars-CoV-2" can hardly harm the healthy human organism, the chronically ill turbo-capitalism, however, gets down to business.

And it almost seems as if the little viral parasite has enchanted the great parasitic rulers. Suddenly everyone is talking about solidarity and "our hearts for each other" (Merkel), worldwide public health systems that have been saved for years are being pulled up again with field hospitals and even Donald Trump can no longer avoid providing $ 500 billion in helicopter money for an unconditional basic income to introduce continued payment of wages in the event of illness. And nobody asks anymore where the money for a "Universal Basic Income" (UBI) should come from ...

Corona is evidently infected with socialism - and while the western "community of values" argues for weeks whether German breathing masks can be delivered to Switzerland, China is sending large aircraft with personnel and material to Italy and Cuba, medical teams and medicines in the (mercilessly bombed by the USA ) Iraq. These are more than just symbolic actions and already show the tendency that will continue after the global reset triggered (but not caused) by Corona - the motto is: "No communism is also no solution."

In any case, the globally unleashed capitalism is at an end and will not be resurrected in its previous form, because Corona definitely makes it clear: The neoliberal dogma of the "free market" that will fix everything is a fiction. Without government intervention, the bubble would have burst during the 2007/2008 financial crisis and the stock market crash of last week would have destroyed not only 30-40% of the values, but twice as much without huge support funds from the central banks. And the economic crisis has only just begun - even if a vaccine is found tomorrow and the whole world is immunized against corona, things cannot go on like this. Because the next new virus will definitely come because viruses are the world champions of mutation, and the neoliberal gods - "the markets" - are simply powerless against the economic consequences of the epidemic.

After 9/11 it was said that nothing is as it was, which is only half true, because the US government was well prepared: It drew the 200-page "Patriot Act" and the concept for an endless one "War on terror" finished out of the drawer and started immediately. After Corona nothing is actually what it was before, because the governments react haphazardly and chaotically. Basic income and health insurance have certainly never been on Trump's agenda, if they come in a flash as an emergency measure - the first checks are due to be paid on April 6th - the citizens will no longer allow this achievement to be stolen from them. And (hopefully quickly) to regain the freedoms that are now being taken from them with prohibitions, surveillance and controls. (Mathias Broeckers)

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