What's new with Alibaba Maxcompute

Today is the first day of Hangzhou Yunqi Conference 2017: this technology festival has attracted exhibitors, developers, related practitioners, and technology enthusiasts from all over the world. In the main forum this morning, the new generation of the MaxCompute computer platform, which was highlighted by Alibaba Cloud President Hu Xiaoming in his speech, will be presented several times at this conference.

As the cornerstone of big data computing services, MaxCompute will not only publish the evaluation results of the first computing engine in the global BigBench evaluation at this conference, but also a special session on the Alibaba Cloud Big Data Computing Service on the morning of the 14th (MaxCompute). At the same time, after the end of the Yunqi conference, the developers will be personally presented with the online live broadcast of "Practicing DevOps in the Big Data Era by MaxCompute Studio".

MaxCompute Studio is a new Data Integrated Development Environment (IDE) introduced by MaxCompute that provides developers with a comprehensive solution for data development and debugging - command line tool integration - self-service job analysis and diagnostics. The live broadcast will demonstrate the power and flexibility of data development and delivery of the MaxCompute platform using the intelligent code editing, data management and browsing, job visualization and self-diagnosis capabilities of MaxCompute Studio.

Xue Ming, a senior technical expert in the Computing Platform Division, aims to improve the developer experience in data research and development in the age of big data. As the project leader of the MaxCompute Studio project in the MaxCompute Integrated Development Environment, he will get everyone to understand the basic scenarios of creating and releasing data warehouse and familiarize themselves with MaxCompute Studio, the functions and capabilities of the MaxCompute platform understand the development ideas of big data DevOps in the cloud computing environment.

15: 20-16: 00, October 16, Greetings Everyone Schedule a Live Broadcast >>