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The 10 Most Difficult Interview Questions

Do you remember your very first interview? You were probably very well prepared. Still, there must have been at least one question that you asked disrupted Has. These are mostly questions that are also perceived as uncomfortable or at least difficult in all subsequent interviews. In a survey by The Association of Accounting Technicians, 2,000 applicants were selected for the ten most difficult interview questions asked.

The ranking of the most difficult interview questions:

1. What are your weaknesses?

Unsurprisingly: Applicants find the question about their weaknesses most unpleasant. You can find out how you can answer them confidently in our blog article "The question of the weaknesses in the job interview".

2. Describe yourself in three words

The second most frequent respondents mentioned this question. What seems easy at first glance can - if unprepared - cause stomach ache. Especially since applicants should expect to clarify the property with an example.

3. If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you choose and why?

Clearly: This question belongs to the curious category and is therefore difficult to answer. A certain quick-wittedness and a little creativity help here.

4. Why should we choose you exactly?

No less challenging is the question of why the recruiter should choose you as the applicant. The point here is to make your motivation clear, but above all your own abilities - tailored to the position you are aiming for.

5. Name an event in which you failed.

This question made it to fifth place in the ranking. The answer requires a certain instinct and the ability to highlight what one has learned from this negative event.

6. What are your strengths?

One of the most classic interview questions ever landed in sixth place:  Here, too, you shouldn't just throw empty words around, but be able to substantiate your advantages with examples.

7. If you were a type of ice cream, which type would you choose and why?

This question also comes from the field of unusual questions.

8. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Many applicants also find this question difficult. Since this question is asked very often, applicants should prepare well in advance.

9. Why did you apply for this job?

Applicants should never answer this question with “I need the money”. Basically, the motivation is hidden behind it, which is why it can be equated with the question: "Why do you want to work for us?"

10. What can you contribute to the team?

This very similar question landed in 10th place. In addition, it is also about the ability to work in a team. Very important when answering: Examples from your professional career!

Image: Matthew Hutchinson | | CC by 2.0 | Cutout