What are the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears from the National Football League - 100 years of American football and 33 years of waiting - "Monsters of the Midway": An integral part of NFL history

Starved Bears souls

Younger semesters - apart from the recent NFL season - will not put the Chicago Bears on a par with big teams like the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers. For this purpose, their invented blueprints of the last decades have been regularly torn up by the opponents and in the end went up in flames.

The extremely manageable balance in "Windy City" (over 2.5 million inhabitants): In addition to the play-offs in 2001, 2005 (each directly lost), 2006 (Super Bowl defeat against the Indianapolis Colts) and 2010 (Aus in the Conference Championships against The Pack) there was nothing big to record. The sad consequence for the older semesters: Great decades like the 30s, 40s or 80s with the only Super Bowl title to date (46:10 against the Patriots on January 26, 1986) have faded more and more and have always served as historical emergency food for empty, starved Bears souls at regulars' tables, fan get-togethers and ceremonial events.

The unfortunate Cutler era

Jay Cutler's chapter certainly contributed to the fact that Bears teeth have not been razor-sharp for a long time. While the now 36-year-old playmaker has finally hung up his cleats after his short comeback at the Miami Dolphins in 2017, and also with his wife Kristin Cavallari (model, actress) on the reality TV format "Very Cavallari" as on his cheeky Instagram page (@ifjayhadinstagram) underlines his humorous manner, his time in Chicago is one of the files swept under the table.

Can't live up to expectations during his Bears stint: Quarterback Jay Cutler. imago images

Under the "leadership" of Cutler (2009-2016), big days like the eight NFL Championships (1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963) and the Super Bowl (1985/86) only fade away. Instead, scorn and ridicule are often the order of the day, for example, before 2018, the team ends up in last place in NFC North four times in a row - which is due to the former hopefuls Cutler (153 games, 35,133 yards, 227 touchdowns, 160 interceptions, 60 Fumbles). Catastrophic appearances against arch-rival Green Bay underline the whole thing (14 duels, 16 touchdowns, 22 interceptions, only two wins out of twelve defeats), although not everything can be tied to this playmaker, many others are to blame - and one rare radiant, always a bit too calm and "tired" looking Cutler himself shows good games in general. In the end, there are simply too few.

Feel free to make fun of me.

Jay Cutler, former Bears quarterback

In the end, Cutler (nicknamed "The Face") leaves the team without much success, and a number of memes are most likely to be remembered - like one where the quarterback blindly catches his helmet, which has been knocked off by a referee, behind his back. Or one where he stands on the edge of a large black telephone, listening rather bored. Or one where he smokes a cigarette inserted via Photoshop in the field. And quotes from him like one on a Southpark episode in which he appears, doesn't get away well and still says dryly, "You're welcome to make fun of me." None of this helped the Chicago Bears from a sporting point of view.

"Thank goodness John Fox's bum is out of town"

Because of all the failure, there have been clear statements again and again, for example from Jared Allen (37, ex-player, between 2014 and 2015 with the Bears). "The last year was for the cat", so the defensive end in 2015 about the horror record of 5:11 from the regular season 2014. "That was no fun. That was absolutely miserable."

Welcome back the Monsters of the Midway. @ ChicagoBearspic.twitter.com / uZ1tkfidzP

- NFL Films (@NFLFilms) January 6, 2019

The "Bad News Bears" also has the former head coach John Fox (2015-2017), who was actually hired as a savior at the time (8: 8, 13: 3, 13: 3, 12: 4 as coach of the Denver Broncos; 6:10, 3:13, 5:11 in Chicago). His opinion, announced in June of this year: The team should have had the worst offseason of all teams in 2019 and quickly solve the kicking problem. Background: A particularly strong defensive team won the NFC North last season (12: 4) and was eliminated at the wild card games after a missed field goal with 15:16 against the Philadelphia Eagles (Keyword: Cody Parkey).

Others, on the other hand, are happy that Fox is no longer in office, has made room for Matt Nagy - and the Bears have been making noticeable progress since 2017/18. Gary Fencik, former Safety and 1986 Super Bowl Champion with Chicago, said: "Thank goodness John Fox's bum is out of town. John Fox didn't respect the fans." Fencik, on the other hand, values ​​the current coach Nagy very much: "He is very aware of the environment, respects the fans and their opinions and knows that they are no idiots." That alone shows that a lot has been happening in the "Windy City" for many months - and all of this awakens hope before the start of the 100th football season of this franchise on the night of September 5th to 6th (2.20pm) Arch-rivals Green Bay.

The cornerstone of the Bears: GSH

Anchored in the DNA of the Chicago Bears: GSH - George Stanley Halas. imago images

The fans are really happy about it. You have waited long enough until the team originally founded as Decatur Staleys on September 7, 1920 by the "A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company" can pick up on earlier days. Finally the Bears seem to be able to become the Bears again - and thus do justice to their legend George Stanley Halas (1895-1983). "Papa Bear" or "Mr. Everything" is the most formative figure in the beginning, which is why the jerseys still have his initials GSH on the jersey sleeve.

During World War I, Halas served in the US Navy and played with a Navy football team at the Rose Bowl in 1919 against another Navy team. Halas' team wins, he is voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) and his star is rising. From 1920 to 1928 Halas then played as the defensive end for the Bears. At the same time he trains this team. In the end, he won eight NFL championship titles as a coach in his 40-year career (1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963) - with quarterback Sid Luckman, among others. Today, revolutionary Halas (for example, asks a team to practice every day for the first time, analyzes opponents in detail, installs assistant coaches in the stands, publishes a club newspaper, has games broadcast live on the radio) has been a cornerstone of NFL history 1963 member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame - and the trophy of the NFC Championships is named in his honor. GSH - Owner of the Chicago Bears for 63 years, former player, 40 years coach, 324 wins, eight titles.

Chicago superiority in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Of course, the name Halas ("If you live long enough, a lot of good happens") also belongs to the well-known Pro Football Hall of Fame, the hall of fame that preserves special merits in football forever. Halas himself is immortalized three times - as the NFL founder together with Bert Bell (NFL Commissioner) and Joseph Carr (NFL President) of the first class in 1963, as a franchise owner and as a trainer.

Wants to keep track of things and lead the Chicago Bears back into the postseason: Head Coach Matt Nagy. imago images

The Decatur Staleys / Chicago Staleys / Chicago Bears also have the most members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame of all 32 teams today. There are 33 in number, followed by the New York Giants (31), the Cleveland Rams / Los Angeles Rams / St. Louis Rams / Los Angeles Rams (30), the Boston Braves / Boston Redskins / Washington Redskins (30) and the Green Bay Packers (29).

One thing is clear: Chicago has shaped football for many decades and is still very popular today despite the recent difficult phases. Which, by the way, not only has to do with Halas.

The "Monsters of the Midway"

Cris Collinsworth (60) knows what he is talking about when he says of "Windy City": "Playing here is always tough. I've seen it myself." The former wide receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals (1981-1988, over 400 receptions, over 6000 yards, 36 touchdowns) and today's NBC TV commentator for Sunday Night Football at the side of Al Michaels (74) finally felt how that famous Bears experienced their biggest season to date in the modern NFL in 1985/86.

Another legend of the Chicago Bears: Mike Ditka (79). imago images

The then team of cult coach "Iron Mike" Ditka (former player, Super Bowl VI winner 1972 as a player with the Dallas Cowboys) plows with a record of 15: 1 in the play-offs, wins the Divisional Round against the New York Giants (21: 0) and also the NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles Rams (24: 0) extremely clearly via shutout! In Super Bowl XX, the 20th edition of the NFL final on January 26, 1986, it finally says in the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans as already described 46:10 against the Patriots.

This leaves an impressive team (the fewest points and yards allowed) around today's legends like defensive end Richard Dent (17 sacks), linebacker Mike Singletary (Defensive Player of the Year) or running back Walter Payton (1,551 rush yards, nine touchdowns) revive the nickname "Monsters of the Midway" mainly because of the impressive defensive performance.

"They were the biggest closets"

The term was first born in the 1930s and 1940s, when the Bears are the ultimate football force. In 1932, for example, the team under Head Coach Ralph Jones won the first ever play-off game in the history of the NFL 9-0 against the Portsmouth Spartans and secured the second title in its young history after 1921. A year later, Halas returns as a coach and leads the Bears to defend their title in the 1933 NFL Championship Game against the New York Giants (23:21). Further titles followed in 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1946.

Pack leader of the modern "Monsters of the Midway": sack machine and "egg thief" Khalil Mack. imago images

Actor Kyle Chandler (53, Torches in the Storm, King Kong, The Wolf of Wall Street), himself a die-hard fan, once said of the beasts of the 80s: "I grew up in Chicago, so I've always been a fan of the Bears. My dad used to take me to the Bears and Cups games, and my brother always drove me to Lake Forest College in his Honda Supersport - and we did the Bears Watched training. I still have fond memories of those guys who were really monsters. They were the biggest closets I've ever seen in my entire life. "

"Wow, can I only say"

Now, after the first play-off participation since 2010, Chicago is dreaming of a big coup. Head coach Nagy and quarterback Mitch Trubisky (5416 yards, 31 touchdowns, ten interceptions in his first two years) and linebacker Khalil Mack (78 games, 350 total tackles, 53 sacks, 15 forced fumbles, two interceptions, two TDs) should the Vince Lombardi Trophy will be brought "home". The strong NFC North competition from Green Bay, Minneapolis and Detroit must be put out of action.

Chicago Bears quarterback: Mitchell "Mitch" Trubisky. imago images

Outside linebacker Lamarr Houston (32) has no doubt that this can succeed: "I want everyone to know that the 'Monsters of the Midway' are back!" Coach Nagy already noticed last season with regard to his athletes such as cornerback Kyle Fuller (seven interceptions in 2018), Safety Eddie Jackson (six interceptions), linebacker Roquan Smith (120 total tackles) or defensive end Akiem Hicks (7.5 sacks, three Forced Fumbles): "Our game in defense ... Wow, I can only say."

We can show pure dominance from our side of the ball - and that is now anchored in the minds of our opponents.

And the figurehead Mack sounds self-confident: "That's what I love about this defense. These are often not mistakes in the opposing offense, but rather our plays. We can show pure dominance from our side of the ball - and that is now anchored in the minds of the opponents." The National Football League should therefore be warned: The Chicago Bears not only want to celebrate their 100th anniversary off the field - they also want to bring "Windy City" back to the top of the NFL Olympus 33 years after the last Super Bowl coup.