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The company explicitly says on its site that data is never sold to third parties, and the company has an extensive privacy policy. Still, it's important to note that Honey does end up gathering information on you as you shop. And earns me about $ 30 a year in rewards.

If you're looking at a product and there's a better price available from somewhere else, Honey will notify you. I emailed them about it and they said they were aware, but then said something like "But you can still use this on 30,000 online stores!" So what. The steps to install Honey depend on which browser and computer you're using: After installing Honey on Chrome, you'll need to pin Honey to your toolbar - this way, you can see when we're working hard to find you deals.

This does not effect our editorial in any way. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what's hot & cool. I have had Honey working in the background for about a year now and today I looked at my Honey Gold balance and had over 6000 points = $ 60 available, which I took as Amazon credit.Can we just get back to reviewing how the app works and stop with the identity sensitivity? You silly rabbit 'identity sensitivity' is very important and I consider it to be apart of reviewing the app.

It only takes a couple of clicks to save money. Wasnt sure if it was what i wanted chose to delete the program. Does the company behind Honey get told the products you're shopping for?

This may sound benign until you consider the increasingly ideological polarization of our political system. What is the price of free?

Could such a thing happen in the US as our nation gradually moves toward a Marxist state?

I've tried it dozens of times on multiple websites every time it comes back invalid. I used to work for the government. Accepting terms from the DHS thereby enforces a NDA that prevents disclosure to the public whose data is being collected, transmitted, stored and analyzed. Though the feed might be helpful to some, others may find their time better spent by skipping installation here and just moving forward towards a new account.For the sake of this review, let's use Amazon as the place to test Honey.When you load a product page on Amazon, you're greeted with some new icons on the page below the name of an item. Join over 260,000 subscribers! It's amazing what clowns are willing to give up for a little “free.” Its a scam… you can do better on your own… they hope your stupid and cant figure that out… ”Nothing” is free kiddies… . It often saves me a few bucks, once over $ 100 on a three night hotel stay. Though, if you're particularly concerned about your privacy, you may not want to add this extension to your browser. We're giving Honey a recommendation, albeit on the grounds that, if you aren't comfortable with their privacy policy, you shouldn't use the app.When it comes to how the app is supposed to be used, Honey's easy to dive into and start making money, which makes it a great app for any burgeoning couponer in the 21st century. If you're looking to save some cash, Honey can seem like a great deal. It's no more data than something like Google or other utilities on the web have, but for those who avoid products like Gmail, Honey is most definitely not for you.Honey primarily makes its money by either featuring special deals with certain storefronts — they create a deal with the company and receive a certain share of the cash you spend with the coupon code in return — or through something called Honey Gold. To many, Honey Gold may ring alarm bells as soon as they see it. Not bad, right? Overall, Honey is pretty respectful of your privacy.

Hell, personally, I think they should have EMAILED EVERYBODY about it once they discovered it ... and promise to email you when it's fixed.

On a different note when I try to use honey with amazon it tells me that every product ‘m looking at is the best deal any way to fix it?

Of course, the extension gathers data for Google Analytics, but you can opt-out by visiting the All things considered, Honey has indicated that it protects your data and does not sell it to third parties. I completely agreed with the original comment of “Certainly not a name I would normally pay any attention” !! 5) Check the box next to the Honey icon. I like it.Honey has worked for me just fine! But it keeps happening.

I freaking love honey. All usually means ALL, kiddies.I downloaded Honey.

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