What is a rolling bearing

What is a ball bearing?

A so-called ball bearing is often found where it has to run particularly smoothly and smoothly. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Imagine a wheel is put on an axle. You can turn the wheel around the axis, but the whole thing comes to a standstill as soon as you press it a little from above. Logical - then there is a lot of friction between the wheel and the axle and you can only move it with great effort. This can also be compared to a heavy object that is pushed across the floor. There is also a lot of friction and the object is difficult to move.

Even the ancient Egyptians had a great idea: They simply put tree trunks under them! The heavy objects could now be transported wonderfully on them, because the logs simply rolled along with the object for a part of the way. That reduced the friction immensely! And that's exactly how a ball bearing works - only with balls instead of tree trunks.

It consists of an outer ring, many balls that are stuck in a housing, and an inner ring. If you turn the outer ring, the balls roll in the middle while the inner ring stops. Applied to our model, this means: The wheel turns smoothly on the balls while the axle stops (it is attached to the car). A ball bearing ensures low friction and the correct rotation!