How to ripen grapes at home

Store grapes - hang upside down

Grapes keep hanging, dark and airy for up to 4 weeks. (Photo by: scamp65 /

The refrigerator

Grapes do not ripen, so they can be safely stored in the refrigerator. However, they must not be crushed or damaged there, otherwise they will become moldy or even rotten. The white film on the grapes doesn't do anything. On the contrary, it is a natural protection against rot that should not be missing from any grape. You can simply wash off this scented film before consumption.

Further procedures

If you have a suitable room, i.e. dark, dry and adequately ventilated, you can also hang the grapes. To do this, take the grape in your hand and attach kitchen thread or similar material to the thickest part. This "hanger" fits very well on a meat hook and you can simply hang up the grapes. Grapes keep for a long time if they are hanging, you can definitely keep them for 4 weeks or more.

Grapes are very healthy, whether white or red, they are always a pleasure and protect against all kinds of diseases. Grapes are now also available without seeds, but the seeds contain important nutrients. So if you don't mind the seeds, consider buying grapes with seeds.

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