Who would win Brock Lesnar or Ryback?

Is The Shield taking over St. Louis?

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

Hinselmann: I actually see a chance to make the US title meaningful again. It would be such a good move to hand over a worthless title to one of the hottest Superstars in the WWE right now. This is exactly what the midcard needs. Not only would Ambrose benefit from this, the rookie would finally bring the title back into focus. Ambrose has been doing great week after week since its debut. How good he really is, he was allowed to prove in individual matches after WrestleMania. Kofi is the typical transitional bastard and his time must be over. Dean Ambrose wins the title, of course with interference from the Shield. What should happen to Kofi? He just seems to be the new, not quite as gifted Shelton Benjamin. He definitely didn't help the title a millimeter forward.

Kneisel: As sorry as I am for the likeable Kofi, that was the point. As you have already correctly said, the Ghanaian served as a transitional champ, even if immediately after WrestleMania it looked like he was going to pass him on to Big E. After his great performances in all multi-men matches, Dean has recently proven himself in solo matches against real experts and thus truly deserves this shot. Let's be honest: As great as the Shield is, the writers haven't come up with anything new for a long time. Sure, a fourth member will do it! But only if this is called Kassius Ohno. Otherwise, I prefer the solo / tag title runs that always start at Extreme Rules. Clear thing, Dean Ambrose wins the US title with the help of his Shield colleagues and Kingston then has to sag again.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger ('I Quit' Match)

Kneisel: Goodbye ladder match, it would have been nice with you. No ladders, no Dolph, but Berto with Ricki against the head kicker with his old tattered friends. If the good Zeb is such a great speaker, why does he always dispense the same rubbish and promise himself in every single promo? I don't want to see it anymore! Then I'd rather watch this I Quit match, even if the outcome is about as exciting as a game of nocturnal indoor straw in the event of a power failure. We already saw it on Raw: as soon as Swagger lands in the Cross armbreaker, he knocks off like a little school girl. Will also happen on Sunday night, because even as an old swaggernaut I have to admit: Ziggy versus Jack would create a similarly fragrant atmosphere as the said Halmapartie. Ergo it does Alberto Del Rioto then pick up the defeat against Ziggler, who will hopefully soon recover.

Hinselmann: First of all, why does Del Rio have to qualify for his contractually guaranteed re-match? Furthermore, the pairing didn't get me carried away in any way on the Road to Wrestlemania. That Dolph was suddenly there spiced it up and at least made it look good. In addition ladders. WONDERFUL. Now we're on the same punk as a month and a half ago, just without a title and with I Quit. I'm not keen on this, but the WWE cannot be blamed for responding as a company in her position should do. Maybe a couple of colleagues from Florida should learn a little from it. Here, too, I have to agree with Maurice's tip: the cross armbreaker will lead to Swagger's end in the usual manner and Alberto Del Rio make it a double # 1 contender. Including subsequent transfer to the midcard.

The People's Champ is back!

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (Steel Cage Match)

Hinselmann: This match has to be the main event of the evening without ifs and buts, no other match comes close. With the absence of many stars, it was the right move to move to fight number three. The WWE HQ segment was strong, the feud carried on well. The only thing I didn't like was that Brock got the short straw again on Monday. He should be given momentum as he lost the last big match. Even if I don't think the stipulation is great, I'm looking forward to the match, which will certainly be the most brutal of the evening. Picking a winner here is extremely difficult. Actually, the victory does not bring Hunter anything. He doesn't need it, Brock does. If you want to continue setting him up as a destructive beast, he must defeat HHH, whatever. Wishful or not, I hope on the common sense of Hunter and the officials and see a winner named Brock Lesnar.

Kneisel: It is precisely Brock's weak performance on Monday that gives me hope for a Lesnar victory (thanks to WWE logic). As you can see, he needs it a lot more than Triple H. The latter not only has nothing to gain here as a wrestler, but may even gamble away part of the credibility of one of his most expensive employees. 1: 3 is not an acceptable result for a man who is portrayed as an indestructible beast and monster, and who has been caged as a home game for weeks. No question about it, it will be the match of the evening, unfortunately the biggest competition was done away with due to Ziggler's injury. Personally, I would have preferred a different type of match, as I am convinced that the two could let off steam better with more fighting space and an arsenal of weapons. On the other hand, we only had a match like this at the beginning of April and I'm excited to see what they'll conjure up on Sunday. At WrestleMania, Hunter's career was at stake and he pulled out all the stops, this is all about storyline pride. And that's what he has to swallow for the sake of his company, Brock Lesnar wins.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback (Last Man Standing Match)

Kneisel: "STUPID!" Ryback likes to call out during his matches. "STUPID!" I thought to myself several times during his appearance in the Highlight Reel. Or when he grunts his new catchphrase in a moderately subtle way. Anyway, the meanwhile super dollop of nasty Brocken has done everything in the last few weeks to weaken Cena. The man who, even if it was hushed up, seriously defeated the Shield on Raw ... but I didn't want to get upset about that anymore. So I prefer to devote myself to the question of how on earth does WWE Ryback want to make it strong here? Probably not at all, but he could be dismissed immediately, because his balance sheet at PPVs is beyond good and bad. Somehow Ryback MUST become champion, even if I can't imagine John as a transition champion after his dry spell. The only conceivable way would be to reveal Ryback as the fourth Shield member, or at least let the Shield help him win the title - despite the history. The latter would be the only viable option, because in the grouping the former Mr. Sheffield would be a foreign body of the worst kind. Spear through the gang, shellshock on the ring stairs afterwards and then to top it off, the triple powerbomb through the desk - after that, Super-Cena MAY even stay up to ten. Could. But there the opponent John Cena is, the WWE is the WWE and this section of text only makes limited sense, I still guess the cap wearer.

Hinselmann: What did I have to read right now? Ryback fourth member of the shield? How many fans and rating points does WWE want to lose? No, it is impossible. Just thinking about it makes me cry. What else can you say? Ryback's promotional qualities are underground, so I found Cena's imitation extremely appropriate. This man is just not allowed to be in world title matches. He will never be a steady main eventer because he is pure average and has lost all raison d'etre with all his PPV defeats. Which leads me to the question, why is he even being awarded a WWE Title Match? Because he lost all important matches in his career? At some point Ryback has to win a big match. But I think it is out of the question that this will happen on Sunday and personally would also see it as a worst-case scenario. Better John Cena than a puffing, badly booked monster. Ryback stays there until ten, John Cena Champ and RYBACK RULES! NOT!


Hinselmann: Last year Extreme Rules was the strongest PPV of the year. That was certainly due to Chicago as the venue and the involvement of CM Punk, which seems simply irreplaceable. The 2013 variant will have a hard time getting the quality of its predecessor, but a good event is absolutely possible. All it takes is strong matches and the titles around the waist of the Shield. Despite the abstinence from important players, the WWE conjured up a good card on the table. Now one can only hope that said good-looking card will be implemented accordingly in the ring. The loss of Dolph Ziggler, who would have significantly increased the quality again, is of course bitter. To give a little more criticism: where are Cesaro? Big E? AJ? Wade Barrett? Damien Sandow? Still, I'm hoping for an exciting event with a few title changes. Then there are only "a few" sleeps until the Straight Edge Savior comes back.

Kneisel: In 2012, Extreme Rules set the PPV of the year and thus the bar for this year's edition was correspondingly high. I don't expect an increase, but a strong and entertaining show nonetheless. Lesnar vs. HHH will rock everything away, with Cena vs. Ryback the question of how the latter is not completely buried and a good portion of toughness creates tension. In addition, the potential showstealer between Kingston and Ambrose and the second Shield Festival in the tag match - there is plenty of potential for great entertainment on the card. Sure, a few interesting people are missing, but we will surely see Big E and AJ in the I Quit match and the rest of the named will probably have to be patient. The anticipation for the first PPV after WrestleMania doesn't diminish that for me.

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