What are some hair re-tying tips

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Does the sun harm your hair?

The UV rays penetrate deep into the hair and bleach it. In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun reduces the moisture content and works so downright drying out. Permanent protection from the sun is particularly advisable for light or lightened hair, as sunbathing is usually more stressful than natural dark hair - this contains melanin, which acts like built-in sun protection. Protective sprays and care oils for the hair can be used on the beach or pool as direct sun protection. They remain in the hair and should be renewed after bathing - even if they are labeled as "waterproof".

Besides, this is Tying is an easy way to protect long hair in summer. Because loosely pinned up or braided hair offers the sun less exposure. However, you shouldn't use clips or other metal hair accessories. They can break brittle hair, get hot in the sunshine, or even oxidize.

Tip: Reduce stays in the sun or wear a hat. After sunbathing, you can condition your hair with an after-sun conditioner or a conditioner with extracts from wheat germ.

Sea and swimming pool: not always good for your hair

Salt and chlorinated water bleach and dry the hair. It is therefore advisable to Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water after going to the beach or swimming pool. If there is a shower on site, you can wash your hair there. Otherwise you should in the shower at home.

Our care tip: After the bath, hair oil with active ingredients from z. B. use coconut, neem leaves, shea butter or mango extracts. In addition, it tightens the scalp, and a rinse with chamomile tea is beneficial, followed by a hair treatment with aloe vera. You can make both yourself with a handful of chamomile flowers and pure aloe vera gel.

Does washing too often damage the hair?

Daily hair washing is mandatory for most people. In conjunction with shampoos, a lot of oil is often removed from the hair. At the same time, the scalp is also irritated - more fat is produced. The hair then quickly looks greasy again, so it seems in need of renewed washing. In fact, the fat production can be influenced by the frequency of hair washing. Do you go over to that Washing hair every two or three days will soon regulate natural fat production - and your hair will still look good on the second or third day. As an alternative to shampoos, you can also use lava earth and hair soap to wash your hair. They support the hair in its natural regeneration.

A tip about the water temperature: Hot water irritates and dehydrates the scalp. As a direct consequence, the hair is damaged. Indeed it is lukewarm water is much better for keeping hair healthy. If you like, treat yourself to a rinse with a mineral water that is particularly low in minerals. Unlike tap water, it contains little or no lime and gives the hair a healthy shine.