How can seniors earn extra money

The best part-time jobs in old age

But many also just want to work and get rid of boredom with a part-time job. Because not everyone can deal with the amount of free time that awaits after leaving work.

Basically, it is not a problem for retirees to supplement their pension with a part-time job. However, there are a few rules to be observed. Because how much you can earn depends on how old you are and whether you have reached the regular retirement age.

If your birthday is before January 1, 1947, you have reached the age limit of 65. However, if your birthday is after December 31, 1946, the limit is 67 years. Once you have reached the relevant standard retirement age, you can go to work as you wish.

You do not have to worry about your pension, because it will not be reduced. You can even count on a higher net wage, as no contributions for long-term care and pension insurance are deducted.

You are not exempt from tax liability!

If you have a certain income, you have to pay taxes. The key factor here is the basic tax-free allowance, which is currently 8,652 euros for single pensioners. If you exceed this, you will have to pay tax on your earnings in addition to your pension.

If you are a pensioner but have not yet reached the standard retirement age, you have an additional earnings limit. This is currently 450 euros a month. If you exceed this, your pension will be reduced!

But which job is best for retirees? The simplest variant is of course that you continue to work at your old job. Because this is not always possible, retirees have to look for alternatives that suit their capabilities.

The job in construction is probably less suitable, but there are a number of industries and areas for seniors in which they not only earn money, but also contribute their skills and life experience. We have put together the six best jobs:

Courier driver and messenger

Pharmacies cannot do without couriers and messengers who transport medicines to patients or nursing homes. Those who are physically fit can do this work on foot or by bike.

In this way you not only earn money, but also keep moving! If you have a driver's license and can drive a car without restrictions, you can of course also deliver on four wheels. Depending on whether you work as a pharmacy courier or a courier for pharmacy wholesalers, you can earn up to ten euros an hour.


If you know your hometown, its history and all the funny anecdotes like the back of your hand, the job of a city guide is ideal. They lead tourists through the streets of the city and can show them the most beautiful corners.

The most important buildings, famous personalities and real insider tips will bring you closer to the interested audience. The job is ideal for anyone who is open, communicative and can inspire people with their knowledge. You can expect an hourly wage of around ten euros and are often happy about tips.

TV extras

You will probably not make the big film career anymore, but there will be variety in your life - including a small injection of money. You can earn between 25 and 50 euros per use as a TV extra. Whether it's a commercial or a movie - you have the opportunity to see yourself on TV and meet interesting people from the film industry on the set.

Perhaps you have undiscovered talents slumbering in you and you even dust off a small speaking role!

Work with children

Many working parents are desperately looking for trustworthy care for their children so that family and work can be reconciled. If you are fond of children, the job as a "surrogate grandma" or "surrogate grandpa" will certainly be fun. Simply hang up your offer in kindergartens or elementary schools and you will have a large selection.

To stay mentally fit, you can also pass your knowledge on to tutoring students. Maybe you were a teacher before? You will be in great demand on the tutoring market and can earn around 20 euros per hour, depending on your qualification and grade level.

Sometimes there is also the possibility of offering courses at the schools themselves. Pottery, chess or piano lessons, for example, are usually not part of the curriculum and provide variety for students.

Use online portals

Many seniors would be helpful for many companies because of the knowledge they have accumulated over many years, but are often simply too old despite their physical and mental fitness.

So that the company can still benefit from the wealth of experience of former bank managers, civil engineers or tax consultants, there are online job exchanges such as “Rent a Pensioner” or “Renter sucht Arbeit”, which arrange jobs.

Anyone over 50 can create a profile and offer their services on the online placement portal “Rent a Rentner”. The spectrum ranges from tax advice, repairing things, watering flowers to writing speeches or editing texts. Whether for one-off jobs or long-term projects - everyone can hire a suitable retiree from the area here.

Donating blood

If you still enjoy the best of health in old age and are not older than 73 years, you can do good and earn money at the same time. In Germany, 15,000 blood donations are required every day and voluntary donors are needed to meet this need.

You will receive between 20 and 25 euros per donation.

So, as you can see, there are some opportunities for retirees to earn money, get recognition for their work, make new contacts and stay fit.