Are flight attendants paid for delays

Stewardess unpacks: "For 20 euros on vacation, that has its price"

A Ryanair flight attendant speaks out about her employer in the middle of a strike.

Dublin / Frankfurt / Vienna. Little salary, no sick pay, generally poor working conditions: The flight attendants of the low-cost airline Ryanair accuse their employer. That is why they called on Wednesday and Thursday for the largest strike in the history of the airline. On Wednesday alone, 500 flights had to be canceled. Ryanair does not want to compensate the passengers, the airline said. And she counters that her flight attendants have the best working conditions in the European low-cost airline industry, around an annual salary of up to 40,000 euros.

A flight attendant has now unpacked, naturally anonymously, and given the “Spiegel” an insight into her working life. Even if some things seem emotionally exaggerated - there can be no talk of “the best conditions”.

The statement, with which the flight attendant, who comes from Eastern Europe like most, asks for understanding for the strike, should give passengers pause: “If you go on vacation for 20 euros, it has its price, and that is what Ryanair pays Personnel. "It looks like this:

After she was hired - by means of an Irish employment contract with a temporary employment agency - she received an invoice for 3,000 euros - for the six-week training. Recently there is no longer any need to pay for training.

She earns 700 to 1300 euros net. She does not receive a basic salary, but is only paid for the hours that she actually flies. It should be 100 per month. But there is no guarantee that she will do it. There is no money in the event of illness. Overtime as a result of delays or flight cancellations is also not paid. You have to pay for food on board yourself. (oath)

("Die Presse", print edition, 07/27/2018)