What is the Cisco Networking Academy about

Cisco Networking Academy

Course content at the “Cisco Networking Academy” of the Wilhelm-Schickard-Schule are currently:
“IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software” from Cisco Systems as preparation for the “CompTIA A +” or “IT-Tech” certification.

The curriculum provides step-by-step basic knowledge and skills in the field of computer technology. The structure and assembly of individual hardware components are learned, troubleshooting of errors in computer systems is practiced and various operating systems are introduced. In addition, an overview of computer networks and network security is given. Questions about support and customer care round off the content.

"IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software" from Cisco Systems is based on a concept of blended learning, i.e. face-to-face learning becomes web-based
Course content added. The learning content is clearly illustrated by graphics and animations and interactive exercises are included. Online test procedures are also available. The curriculum is particularly suitable for bilingual teaching.

A Cisco Networking Academy has the advantage of having constant access to the latest knowledge in the field of information technology. Cisco Systems experts continuously develop the content and didactics of the curricula. You will be guided by technological progress and respond to the requirements of the Cisco Networking Academies. This also requires constant further training of the trainers. As a “Cisco Networking Academy”, the Wilhelm-Schickard-Schule trains students as a non-profit organization. Such training can only take place in the context of IT training occupations and not
be taken independently.

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