Can meditation control appetite

Meditate against hunger

Meditate Against Hunger: Meditation can help you lose weight and reduce natural hunger.

Meditate against hunger

Can meditation help against hunger? In connection with this question, there are people like Anandamayi Ma, who has not eaten anything for several years, there is Therese von Konnersreuth who, under medical supervision, has not eaten anything for a while except a wafer and in 2015 there was a yogi also has not eaten anything for several weeks under medical supervision and has not lost any weight. There seems to be a phenomenon that people can live without physical food. The question that arises, however, is why do you want to do this? If it happens by itself, it is fine, but most of the self-actualized have eaten, and Ananadamayi Ma has eaten again in later years.

Meditation is not against eating

Meditation is not helpful against eating, and it is also an eating disorder to believe that you should stop eating. Eat normal, eat healthy and vegetarian, vegan and meditate.

Meditate against hunger as an accompaniment to losing weight

Assuming you are obese and have a body mass index (BMI) over 30, then you might want to lose weight and you have good reasons for it. However, if your BMI is below 30, there is no need to lose weight. What you should do is: live healthy, eat healthy, vegetarian, vegan and whole grains. Eat vegetables, legumes, whole grains, salads and fruits, a certain amount of cold-pressed oils, seeds and nuts, spices and then all is well. In addition, meditate, practice yoga, do deep relaxation and do some exercise in the fresh air every day, be it a brisk walk or hiking. Whether you have a BMI of 18 or 27 is irrelevant for your health. However, if the BMI is over 30, there are good reasons to lose weight.

Meditating helps against hunger pangs

The good news is: yes, meditating helps against hunger pangs! When you meditate, you learn to lift your mind to a joyful level. This is how mantra meditation works. Or you learn not to identify with thoughts, with feelings, with "cravings" and with desires. For example, if you practice mindfulness meditation, you will learn that you don't have to follow your emotions, feelings, stimulus response mechanisms, and cravings. You know that you are separate from thoughts, emotions, breath, body awareness, desires and so on.

And everything observable comes and goes. And if you've watched the coming and going like this, then you can also resist hunger attacks - they come and they go. The mantra meditation helps to take the mind to a higher level and to fill you with joy, light and energy and when you practice this meditation then meditate with the mantra. Whenever the craving for food arises while losing weight, repeat the mantra particularly intensely. The desire passes.

You can combine the mantra meditation with the mindfulness meditation, for example in the simple mantra meditation, which is ultimately a mindfulness meditation with mantra.

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A short lecture by Sukadev Bretz on the subject of meditation knowledge, perhaps helpful for everyone with an interest in meditation.

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