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Metal-Battle - New dates for national preliminary rounds and interview with Plague Throat (MB Finalist India 2014)

Now that the first national winner and thus finalist for the next final at the upcoming W: O: A has already been determined, here are the latest dates for new preliminary decisions:


Among other things, Metal-Battle Central America, Switzerland and France have announced new dates. You can find the worldwide appointment calendar HERE


It continues with an interview with last year's finalists from India as the first part of our Metal Battle Stories series.

These are interviews with finalists from previous years, who bring us closer to the scene in their home country, how participating in the metal battle affected their music careers and what experiences they had during the trip.


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With a population of more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populous country after China. But that's just by the way, because India is also the homeland of the band PLAGUE THROATwho won the Metal Battle preliminary round in India in 2014. Nangsan, who is the band's singer and guitarist by trade, has agreed to answer a few questions about his band, their show at W: O: A 2014 and the Indian metal scene.


Let's start with something general: Can you briefly introduce the Indian metal scene to me, who has never been to India. Is there anything special or typical to report about the scene?


"The Indian scene is growing and growing from year to year. More and more people are taking part in it.

The scene is constantly evolving. More concerts are taking place, both underground and mainstream.

International bands come here regularly. So you can say it is growing.

There is nothing typical about the scene. It's just like metal should go. It is a community of like-minded people who are following the same path. The original scene was brought to life by individuals in a few places.

Bangalore, Mumbai, Shillong, Kolkata and Hyderabad are areas with a very good underground scene made up of a respectable number of dedicated people.

It will get bigger in the future. "


Can you tell us something about the story of PLEAGUE THROAT? How did you start with the band? Were there problems at the beginning that I had to face or are there perhaps still some that you are still struggling with?


At the beginning there were four of us. However, our guitarist had to leave the band for personal reasons.

Since we wanted to continue, the singer grabbed the guitar and started to practice.

That's how we developed into a three-man band.

We had a lot of problems because playing in a metal band is not the wisest career decision when you are from India. Everyone was very skeptical because there is absolutely no way to earn money in this way.


How does Indian society deal with metal? Does this take place in public? Do concerts often take place or is that something rare?


Being a metal musician is something that is not that popular here, but there are a small number of people who are also influenced by metal in their daily lives. So something has changed compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

There are also metal concerts here. But these are mainly organized by the musicians themselves or by passionate people. But there are also a few larger shows where well-known international bands play that are organized by various organizers.


When you think back to the W: O: A, is there something you will never forget or what was your best experience at the festival?


Playing at the W: O: A was the band's greatest success and we would love to have the chance to visit the festival again. It was really a completely different experience compared to the concerts we play here. There were a lot of things at the W: O: A that impressed us. It had everything a metal heart could desire and every need was satisfied. We were very well looked after.


Please tell us about your plans for PLEAGUE THROAT. What are you doing next and are there any goals you want to achieve in the future?


We are currently absorbed in writing new music. We hope to have an album ready in the second half of next year. Right now we are playing concerts in India and the surrounding countries and we are organizing shows in our hometown of Shillong. We hope to get a good record deal soon. Until then we will remain independent.


Here is another song from the band at W: O: A 2014:


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