What egg liqueur is made of


Quantity of ingredients for:0.7 l
Time required:30 minutes + 2-3 days of rest
Difficulty level:

Advocaat is an alcoholic drink made mainly from egg yolks, alcohol and sugar. It has been known as a women's drink since earlier times and is now also used as an ingredient in pastry shops or for desserts.


Cookware [edit]


  • Rinse the bottles with hot water and drain them upside down.
  • Separate the eggs and use the egg whites for other purposes (e.g. Spanish wind).
  • Bring the cream or milk, 150 g sugar, the halved vanilla stick and its pulp to a boil, cover with a lid and let stand for 10 minutes.
  • Beat the egg yolks with the rest of the sugar until frothy.
  • Slowly beat the sweetened vanilla milk through a fine sieve into the egg mixture.
  • A thick cream should now have arisen.
  • Stir in the alcohol and grape brandy.
  • Pour this cream into the clean bottle through the funnel.
  • Close the bottle, let it cool and place in the refrigerator.

Storage and shelf life

  • Put the eggnog in the refrigerator after production.
  • The liqueur can be kept for a maximum of 3–4 weeks.
  • Shake the liqueur well before use.

Salmonella danger [edit]

By enjoying professionally and hygienically produced and stored egg liqueur with 14% alcohol by volume or more, there is no risk of contracting salmonellosis, as salmonella cannot survive in it. If the alcohol content is lower, for example in the case of homemade eggnog or due to manufacturing errors or because the alcohol concentration has been reduced due to dilution, improper storage or other influences, then this security is no longer given.

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