How do you wish you a friend

6 tips to prevent your friend bringing back the wrong gift | Say what you want - without saying it!

Hand on heart: Christmas is over when your boyfriend gives you some crap that you don't even want. Because of the festival of love. Christmas Eve can also be a stress test for a relationship.

And then the friend's crying: "He's got the wrong gift again ... He doesn't even know me!"


If you have a special request, just SAY it. And if you don't want that, because you think a little tension under the Christmas tree is cool, then wave the fence post until your guy gets it. Sounds awkward, but it's effective.

Here are 6 ultimate tips on how to tell your boyfriend what you want for Christmas - without telling him!

1. Leave the browser open

Whether on the laptop or smartphone: Find your dream perfume or concert on the Internet and leave the browser open at random. If you want to be sure that your friend sees it, send them to their laptop or smartphone and let them do some research.

2. Bring your friends on board

You don't have to tell your boyfriend directly what you want - but you can have him tell him! Get your best friend involved. She should give him your wish. If he doesn't already ask for advice ...

3. Blaspheme about other gifts

“Last year, XY got such an ugly necklace from her boyfriend… Fortunately, they exchanged it for a simple heart necklace. I would have been happy about that too! "

Exchange XY and present in exactly the same way. He won't check whether the story is true or made up anyway. But he, too, will be happy if he hits the bull's eye in a roundabout way.

4. The shop window trick

Blunt but effective. If you're strolling through the city together, stop in front of the things you like for an extra long time. Point your finger at it. Touch it. If you think that this is not enough, just add a subtle “That's nice!” Afterwards.

5. Leave your wish list open

Like the browser trick, only in old school. Just write a wish list and place it so that he cannot overlook it.

6. Message to the wrong recipient

If none of that helps, draw the last trump card: and write to him by mistake a WhatsApp, SMS or email with your request."It wasn't for you at all!" But that's really pretty desperate ...

None of the tricks worked? Pity! If you want to save yourself the frustration of giving gifts for the next year, just say straight away what you want. Then there is no surprise - but no disappointment either!