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Java for Beginners: Book Recommendations

Java for Beginners: How to Become a Pro!

In the following we have put together some recommendations for specialist books that will help you learn to program Java as a beginner. The books differ particularly with regard to the scope, here the range goes from 500 pages to 1400 pages.

However, the target group is important in each case, after which you should decide which book is right for you. Some of the books are aimed at absolute beginners who have no prior knowledge of other programming languages. In this case, we particularly recommend the book "Basic course programming in Java".

If you have no knowledge of Java yet, i.e. are a beginner in Java, but have already worked with other programming languages ​​such as C or C ++, we recommend this book "Java is also an island". This work is updated regularly and always offers a very comprehensive introduction. Since the work has become too detailed in the meantime, it has now been split up and there is now a "continuation" that can be "Java 7 - More than an island" is called. However, this advanced book is no longer aimed at beginners, but only at experienced Java programmers, since basic basic concepts are no longer presented here. If you want to get to know Java as extensively as possible, we recommend this double of “Java is also an island” and “Java 7 - more than an island”.

In addition to a thorough introduction, you will also get an insight into some advanced topics (however, this is also the case with all the other books presented). Likewise, all the books presented have exercises or at least extensive programming examples.

As an inexpensive alternative to the books presented, we would like to recommend our Java tutorial at this point. In 20 chapters, the most important concepts of Java are introduced in a beginner-friendly way. You can also download the sample code for the individual chapters and receive further web tips for each chapter. Our Java tutorial is available immediately after registration and is also significantly cheaper than all the books presented here.

Our Java tutorial

Learn to code in 7 days!
20 chapters including over 65 further web tips and code download / exercises
Additionally: PDF version for download
Our tutorial is aimed specifically at beginners. You will learn all the important concepts of the Java programming language from the ground up. You will also receive the sample code for each chapter as a download, which you can then run directly on your computer. There are in-depth internet reading tips on every topic. This gives you an overview in just a few days and can then write your own small programs.

Book tips at a glance

Basic course programming in Java approx. 700 pages
for beginners without previous programming knowledge
including exercises
Selection of further topics: Exceptions, Generics, GUI, concurrent programming, network programming
Learn to program with Java approx. 500 pages
for beginners without programming knowledge
including exercises
Selection of further topics: Exceptions, GUI, concurrent programming, databases
Java from head to toe approx. 700 pages
especially for beginners without programming knowledge
including exercises
Selection of further topics: Exceptions, GUI, network programming, RMI introduction
Status 2006 (Java 5)
Programming book in an unconventional style
Java is an island too approx. 1300 pages
for Java beginners; general programming knowledge is helpful
Exercises online
Selection of further topics: exceptions, generics, concurrent programming, GUI, databases, XML processing
Java 7
Java 7 - More than an island approx. 1400 pages
for experienced Java programmers
Exercises online
Selection of further topics: Concurrent programming, XML processing, GUI and graphics, network programming, RMI, web services, JSP and servlets, applets, databases, reflection, JNI, security
Java 7
Java programming manual approx. 1400 pages
for Java beginners with previous programming knowledge
including programming examples
Selection of further topics: Exceptions, concurrency, GUI, applets, XML processing, databases, reflection, network programming, RMI, security, sound
Java 7