Can Superman become a green lantern

Superman (Clark Kent)


True nameKal-El
Clark Kent
AliasThe man of steel
fractionJustice League
Black Lantern Corps
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Superman is a hero from the planet Krypton.

Biography Edit source]

Superman was born the son of the scientist Jor-El on the distant planet Krypton. When he anticipates a catastrophe, he sends his son "Karl-El"to the earth, where he should grow up safely and only later discover his strength.

He is found by the childless couple Kent and given the name Clark. These pull him up lovingly until the day comes when he finally discovers his strength and wants to go out into the wide world, there he swears his strength to be used for good from now on and soon becomes a legend.

His secret identity, Clark Kent, has a job at the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis. There he falls in love with the beautiful author Lois Lane, whom he will soon have to save from many dangers.

But of course he also makes many enemies through his job as a superhero. For example, the major entrepreneur Lex Luthor who is officially committed to renewable energies and other good things. But in reality, Luthor is a real gangster. A man of the underworld and the only one who knows how Superman can die. You have to let it come into contact with kryptonite! Time and again, Superman and Luthor engage in epic battles!

At some point Superman decides to join the Justice League, where he leads numerous fights with many heroes, including Green Lantern.