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9 events are planned between April 30 and May 9, 2021 and will mostly sound as present as possible at original venues.

The International Festival for Vocal Music "a cappella" Leipzig will be in 2021 Program with various livestream concerts carry out. It will be a total of the first two weekends in May eight concerts and a live chat give. The Swedish ensemble Ringmasters and the Cantoría group from Spain broadcast their concerts from home - all other groups (amarcord, VOXID, LaLeLu and the German Gents) will sing in the planned venues in Leipzig. The ensembles invited for this year Ordinarius from Brazil, Anúna from Ireland (some of whose singers are at home all over the world) and Musica Univeralis, which brings together singers from France, Belgium and Germany, are currently to the great regret of the festival team and the Ensembles themselves the rehearsals, performances and concert tours for the festival are not possible. However, all three ensembles are firmly planned for the next edition of “a cappella”.

It will be for the concerts in 2021 Online tickets from April 23rd for the scheduled live streams. The festival starts as planned on April 30th with the opening concert of the festival founders amarcord and brings the current shows of the groups until May 3rd German Gents (Berlin), Ringmasters (Sweden) and LaLeLu (Hamburg) in the churches and on the stage, with the latter giving both a family concert in the afternoon and an evening program. The family concert on Sunday afternoon is offered free of charge. From May 7th to 9th there will be performances by Cantoría from Spain at the second "a cappella" weekend, VOXID from Leipzig (whose original concert date will be postponed to May 8th) as well as the traditional festival closing concert with the four groups amarcord, VOXID, German Gents and LaLeLu then present in Leipzig. As usual in previous years, the ensemble concerts will be preceded by a concert introduction with or by the performing groups, which will be broadcast on the festival's YouTube channel at 7:15 pm.

Encouraged by the great positive response in the previous year, it will also be a part of the festival program Live chat to the voice give: The phoniatrist and voice expert Prof. Michael Fuchs from the Leipzig University Hospital will be on May 1st from 11 a.m. talk on the subject of "Corona on everyone's lips - singing and the vocal profession in times of Covid-19" and respond to questions of the festival audience in a variety of ways. Everyone can ask their questions live, but they can also send them in in advance. The live chat will be available on the festival's homepage and YouTube channel.

The one belonging to the festival International "a cappella" competition Leipzig has to be canceled in 2021 with a heavy heart and has to be postponed to 2022, although some promising junior research groups had qualified. The main reason for the cancellation of the competition program this year is that the current restrictions and the very different conditions and possibilities of the young ensembles to travel and rehearse do not allow a balanced fairness in the preparation time and in a final evaluation. The renewed implementation of the competition with all its offers for the junior research groups is planned for the coming year.

All current and short-term information about the festival “a cappella” and the program as well as the purchase of online tickets can be found at www.a-cappella-festival.de as well as on the festival's Facebook presence at www.facebook.com/acappellafestivalleipzig and the “a cappella” -Account on Instagram. The free streams can be seen on the festival's youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/acappellaleipzig

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