Can I learn music without the piano

Learning with or without notes: how do you play the piano better?

Piano guide, October 12, 2017

The appeal of learning a musical instrument has by no means diminished in recent years. On the contrary. However, some fear difficulties because learning the notes in music lessons has been criminally neglected.

Is it even possible to learn the piano without notes? Does it make sense? And if so, which of the two variants (with or without) is better?

Advantage of grades: what they tell us

Notes are very important in music. They contain important information without which it is difficult to play a piece of music properly and correctly.

In this context, for examplethe beat without which a song could not be played in the correct rhythm. Together with the actual notes, the correct one results Sound durationthat can be achieved by setting Breaks can still change.

When learning to play the piano, it is very important to know which hand which tone should / must play. Grades provide information about this.

No knowledge of grades - a problem?

If people who are interested in learning the piano cannot read notes, the helpful functions and hints that the music notes contain will not be of use to them.

Whoever chooses it, piano without grades to learn that ends sooner or later at the point thatlearning more pieces of music on the piano almost impossible makes.

Without grades, the Exactly embossed key combinations become. So the pieces can only be played from memory. At some point, however, there are limits to the human brain when doing this. Unless they're geniuses.

Tip: The sensible one Use of both hands and the finger can be with notes much learn better.

Conclusion on playing the piano without notes

In principle, the following may apply: Learn the piano is without too the knowledge of Grades possible. Whereby then that Typing the piano keys according to memorized patterns is meant.

Actually playing the piano with which one every imaginable piece of music To be able to play the piano in the world is not possible without grades. The reason: The grades are the Instructions for the piece. Those who cannot read these instructions will soon reach their limits.

Learning to play the piano is only possible without restrictions if the sheet music can be read. Should that Piano your constant companion remains to be stated clearly at this point:

Learning to play the piano without notes - that doesn't make much sense!

It will certainly take a while before you can read sheet music while you are learning to play the piano. A bit bumpy at first, but routine will soon return, and thatNotes read just as quickly as the alphabet.

Learning notes is not difficult! Did you Would like to try it out?

In our article Learning the Piano: Learning the Basics in 13 Steps, we bring you all of it easy at Learn to read notes.