What do you mean by food processing


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How is the food technology test? heavy?
Should you definitely visit the VO or are there good documents to learn?

Kind regards
Do you mean the LM technology from Berghofer, who has kept it up to now? As far as I know, you can download all powerpoint slides from your BOKU website (password-protected). How difficult I can not judge, it is just an incredible amount - especially if you were not in the VO and have to work through everything yourself.

The new VO LM technology (to be precise: chemical food technology and physical processes in food processing) will be read by Kroyer, from Tuesday 13.1. blocked, every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for two weeks. His documents will be available for download from our IfEW. (Attention: At the moment the documents of his old VO Chem. LM-Preservation & -verarbeitung are still there.)
Lt. The preliminary discussion will be the first exam date at the end of January / beginning of February.

Personally, I am now building on this new VO. Six half-days and the exam pretty soon afterwards; ... for me the best way to cope with this volume of material.

I don't think Berghofer's food technology exam is a bad thing! I read through the documents from erwi.net once and then worked out and learned the 57 questions (also from erwi.net). I had 6 questions and all of them were from the 57, not literally, but something like that. So I could answer everything. Time spent with me was three days. I'm still waiting for the grading, but I'm pretty sure I passed the exam.
752.100 Basic food technology processes

is this the right exam for Bakk?

Perhaps someone still knows their way around the blis. Just wanted to register for January 22nd, 2009 to be on the safe side! 30 free participants out of a total of 30, but the status is blocked when I want to register?

And where exactly do I get the foils?
Hello Marky,

Unfortunately, this is not the right lecture, but 811.077 General Food Technology. You can register for the exam by e-mail to Ms. Piringer -> [email protected] or by phone: 01/360 06-62 72

Calling is definitely the better option, because she can tell you straight away whether there are still places available for the desired date.

I think it means registering and de-registering for an exam is always possible up to a week before the respective date.

Here are the current dates:

January 21, 2009, 12 noon
February 4th, 2009, 12 noon
February 18, 2009, 1 p.m.

each in room 02/28

The documents are available here: http://www.dlwt.boku.ac.at/2983.html

All the best!

Thank you very much for the quick and good information!

Do you perhaps also know the password for the slides?
this is also the wrong lecture for the Bacc! the right one is:

330049 VO Chemical food technology and physical processes in food processing
Director of Studies in Nutritional Sciences
2 hour (s), 3.0 ECTS credits
Language of instruction: German
K 253
Gerhard Kroyer

It will be offered as a block from January 13th! i was extra for both ssc and both he rust and the rust told me that the vo from berghofer no longer applies to bacc students, because the krojer is offered specially for us !!

has anyone printed out the slides and could they have me copied a lot? with my printer it would take hours ...

Do you think the Berghofer will do if you pass the exam on January 21st. does not really count anymore? I'm already registered for the exam and do the bakk.! Not that, in the end, I have to take the exam twice!

Ms. fenz wrote back to me today that the vo will be taken into account because it has always been like that ... hm I now don't know what to believe ...
So I also asked and was told that it is not certain that the Dipl. Fürs Bak. is taken into account. To be on the safe side, I would take the exam at Kroyer's, because otherwise you might have to take it twice.