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Sexualities and genders

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We live in a world with many different people, with different sexualities and genders. With these many sexualities it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and really know every sexuality. So here I am going to list a few and explain how it is really important to understand this world and to be tolerant in this world.

Asexual: The sexuality of not wanting to be sexually active with anyone. However, you can still fall in love, you just don't want to know anything physically about your counterpart. But mentally.

Bisexual: The love for man and woman and isn't it wonderful to have so many more options when it comes to love? I also wanted to say that bisexuals are not a mix of homosexuals and heterosexuals. They are already a sexuality of their own and it would be discriminatory not to call them such.

Androsexual: You are attracted to people with masculine characteristics. Only the character plays a role and not the gender.

Gynosexual: Basically the opposite of androsexual. You feel drawn to people with feminine traits.

Gay: You feel connected to your own gender. (Man + man and woman + woman).

Heterosexual: The largest proportion is heterosexual. You feel connected to the opposite sex (I think you know that too)

Transsexual: The person concerned wants to change their gender. So you are born in the wrong body. Trans men are men in female bodies and trans women are women in male bodies.

Cisgender: The opposite of transsexuals. You feel you belong to your gender.

Intersexual: The gender cannot be assigned to any of the more well-known genders (man and woman). You are both a man and a woman, so to speak. These people are also known as diverse. It used to be considered a disease. Today it is a gender.

Pansexual: Pansexuality includes all genders. You also fall in love with intersex people. That is also the real difference to bisexuality.

Autosexual: You feel more attracted to yourself than to others.

Object Sexual: You feel drawn to objects.

I also wanted to say that there are more and more people on Tiktok who describe themselves as superstraight (that is, one is heterosexual, but does not fall in love with transsexuals). Please do not confess to this sexuality. She is transphobic because transgender people end up professing a gender and they are. This would not acknowledge that they have decided to live as a woman or a man. In addition, I think sexuality has a Nazi symbol as a flag and that says a lot about it.

Please respect all sexualities. This is my only request to you guys. Respect them. Can anyone do anything for being born with a love for things? No. So please don't make fun of it. In the end, we're all just human.


Do you know any other sexualities?

Do you already know what sexuality you have? Or are you still unsure?